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Author Topic: u know nothing about brawl hacks? check this.  (Read 3246 times)
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    « on: December 17, 2010, 10:30:12 AM »

    i'll state some basic information here, this is for ppl who are COMPLETELY NEW to this, this is not a tutorial to set up ur SD card!!!

    1- types of hacks:
    vertex hack
    texture hack
    PSA/moveset hack
    animation hack
    SFX hack
    music hack


    texture hack: if u have brawlbox downloaded, u'll see a TEXTURE part, if u open it, ull see images, exporting them will convert them to PNG, so u can edit them and import them again.

    vertex hack: this consists in EDITING THE ORIGINAL MODEL, this is, using aplications or scripts to convert the MODEL[DATA] in a editable file, search for tutorials for more info.

    PSA/moveset hack: hacks made using project smash attacks. edits gfx hitboxes and blablabla

    animation hack: done in brawlbox, edit and create new animations for a character.

    sfx and music hack is self-explaining...

    it is important to see the difference between a vertex and an import.
    a import, as the name says is an imported model, to replace a character's normal model.
    this means, if ur doing this, u'll need to check out lots of things to fix the bugs and glitches.
    and please, please, please, if ur new in this, dont think vertexing, texturing or importing is easy...
    if u say sumthing like: u would only have to move the headband to the hip and edit it a bit to make a skirt (lol at lame example) u know nothing about what ur saying.

    and now, for all ppl who luv requesting things and dont get respons in an hour and get mad cuz they wont listen to them... stop being mad... learn urself, its al practice, at least texture and vertexing, and psa is knowledge, so just learn it if u like it, whats better than learning sumthing u like?

    this will be all folks.
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