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Out of the four members of the Fighting Alloy Team, which one is your favorite?
Red. - 3 (23.1%)
Blue. - 2 (15.4%)
Yellow. - 1 (7.7%)
Green. - 2 (15.4%)
Can't decide. - 3 (23.1%)
Not interested. - 2 (15.4%)
Total Voters: 13

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Author Topic: KJP's Throne Room. 01/03/2019: Classic Ridley Update Finally Released!  (Read 783297 times)
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    « Reply #6720 on: February 07, 2019, 06:57:57 AM »

    Thanks for understanding. With all the cuts I've made, I reduced my workload from about 13 characters to about 4 (2 of which are undisclosed), which is still a sizable amount, but it's much more manageable than 13 (that's like a 2/3 cut, lol).

    Because even if the stars aligned and my team was able to dedicate their full time to working on these characters, it would probably take at least a couple years to get them all done (assuming we could get each character done within a couple months).

    Even then, people have been modding this game for over 10 years, and some of them would like to move on. I don't think people would even stick around long enough to see all those characters to completion.


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