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Author Topic: THP formatting guide using sony vegas  (Read 4661 times)
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    « on: November 21, 2011, 10:06:55 PM »

    I can assist you in doing your THP, or compile it for you,
    keep in mind that THP compile requests are lower priority on my list if I am doing another hack

    HEDDO there,  when I first started here, I only made BRSTM hacks, then I learned how the THP creation goes.
    way before I got into hacking brawl, I was good at video editing using sony vegas to make crap like RSMVs, deinterlace, gaming videos, and pointless brawl matches

    *this is my first time writing ANY kind of guide, so don't hate me for being lame guide writer MON

    *the available .veg file in this guide requires sony vegas pro 9 at least
    I will show you how I make my THPs:

    GUI for THPConv

    *If you have sony vegas 11, the steps are the same, HOWEVER, you can create anaglyph 3D hacks at your disposal if you have the left and right frames

    first things first, I have This file Open:

    I have placed markers in this project file, which mark the time restraints of said THP clip

    These Time restraints are:
    >OPmovie visual start is at 6.240s
    >OPMovie length is 01:59.686
    >E3 length is 02:31.451
    >How to Play length is 01:14.041

    I won't label the rest because the ones listed are the only ones I know to be most targeted towards.  now, you can drop your video in the timeline, while keeping in mind that if you are targeting the OPMovie, that the Green area Marks the point in time that the video doesn't play while the sound from the hack DOES play, otherwise, resize the clip's right end so that it snaps to the marker with the label of your target THP (or end at the listed time if you are doing this from scratch).

    and you are pretty much done, now you just need to set the project settings.

    click circled button in the video preview section

    set the:
     Video size 720x480
     Field order None (Progressive Scan)
    Pixel aspect ratio 1.2121 (NTSC DV Widescreen)
    Framerate 29.970
    Pixel format 32-bit floating point (Full range)
    Full res. rendering quality Best
    Deinterlace method:
    None (If you have no interlaced video in the project)
    Interpolate fields (if you have at LEAST one interlaced video in the project)

    Now uncheck the adjust source media to match project settings box

    Now you can render as

    render the video AS:
    MPEG2 with: (Click custom)
    720x480 resolution
    29.970 FPS
    4:3 aspect ratio
    progressive scan (field order)
    HIGH ASS QUALITY (slider)
    Constant bitrate @ 8,000,000

    NOW, drop the finished video in a new instance of vegas, and set the project settings to:

    Video size 576x416
    Pixel aspect ratio 1.0 (square)
     Field order None (Progressive Scan)
    Full res. rendering quality Best
    no deinterlacing


    Render AS:

    1.wav @ 32Khz (or 41KHz if you want)


    image sequence (JPEG) [FORMAT] (sony vegas will render them with the name format "(name)_######.jpg")
     (MAKE SURE YOU ARE RENDERING TO AN EMPTY FOLDER, the next step will rename everything in your said destination, the said wav file is ok)


    you can skip the below step and go streight to THPConv with this

    then use this to do a batch rename, leaving the prefix letters empty and using 5    0s  (and the suffix as ".JPG")
    DEH exampole is below (see bottom of the pic)

    click rename ALL  (this will save alot of time than doing it with super)

    then use THPConv to finalize the THP project

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