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Author Topic: Guamboy27's Guide to Perfect Pose CSP's  (Read 774 times)
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    « on: December 18, 2011, 12:56:53 PM »

    Alright, here's that tutorial I promised! I'm sure there's at least a few people curious as to how to do this themselves, this is my method.

    Before Step 1: Resources
    To successfully make good perfect-pose CSP's, we'll need a few programs.
    • The old Brawlbox Modset.
    • The new Brawlbox Modset.
    • Gimp, Photoshop, or some other picture editing program. Make sure it works with transparency!
    • A way to take pictures of BrawlBox. (Windows7, or at least my computer, has the "Snipping Tool".
    • Notepad
    Once we have these downloaded, we can get on with step 1:

    Step 1: Creating Your Pose
    Every perfect-pose CSP maker has a different pose for his character. This is often because they make there own pose!
    To make things easier, I keep all my models and animations in the same .pac. Staying organized will prevent you from losing anything. It also helps you access your files faster. Once you're organized and have a blank animation, view up your character in the old modset. Then click on that character's animation. In this version of the modset, you can click on one of the bones. A sphere will show up around it, you can rotate that sphere easily to make your pose. Do not ever edit the translation, only the rotation.

    Now you can see your pose coming together! Your first pose will probably take the longest, as you'll have the least experience at it. After some work, your pose will be finished.

    Of course there is an alternate way. If you don't want to make your own pose, view your character and open his MotionEtc.pac. Find an animation you like, and go to your favorite frame. Copy that frame and paste it over your animation.

    Step 2: Taking Pictures
    Open up your character in the old BrawlBox again. View the animation. Uncheck all the unnecessary polygons (other faces, final smash eyes, etc.), and now reset the camera. Don't zoom out with your mouse, or right click to move the camera up or down! Close all of the tabs and zoom out with the "-" key. Count the number of times you hit that key. Once your zoomed out, record the amount of times you zoomed out in notepad. Now use the up arrow key to scroll up. Count the amount of times you clicked that and record it, too. Take a picture of it.

    Now close Brawlbox, and reopen your character and animation in the new Brawlbox modset. Zoom out and scroll up the amount of times that you did in the old modset. Take out all bad polygons. Take another picture.

    Step 3: Editing For High Quality!
    This step will be different for everyone. Every pose will have it's own flaws, so here's the step where you fix those! I'll use Mario as an example to point out some flaws. First up:

    Weird lighting. Even in your high quality new BrawlBox, there are flaws in the lighting. But, if you use the picture from the old BrawlBox, where the lighting doesn't try showing shadows like these, you can edit over them.
    (Ignore the hair.)
    Next flaw!

    Perhaps the hardest to fix, the eyes are also the biggest flaw. First step, fill in they eye sockets with white. Try blurring in the edges for extra effect. Now, edit in irises. This will be hard. But, TAKE YOUR TIME. People try to get away with low quality eyes. But, with enough practice, the eyes should get easier. Just take it one step at a time until they look natural.

    See how good it'll look in the end? If it helps you, you can use an in game picture to figure out the proper proportions of the eye.
    There are other flaws, too. Bad mouth lighting, awkward fur (Diddy and Dk), multiple eyes (Kirby), and more. Note that some people do extra edits like "burning" to improve the lighting. Make back-ups and feel free to experiment to find what you like best!

    Step 4: Resizing
    Now that we have the character looking as he, she, or it can get; it's time to resize to fit the boundaries of a CSP. I won't say much about this, as you should know how to resize stuff. However, there is one thing you need to do to make this work well. First, open up the same file you saved the information for the Brawl Box camera. Record the size of the character when it's resized to fit in the CSP. Remember that when resizing to only have the character selected and not any extra transparent stuff. Otherwise, making future CSPs will be a long game of guess and check. After resizing, you should be finished with your first perfect pose CSP! Congradulations! Awesome Face

    Step 5: Battle Portaits
    When you give KC-MM a CSP, some user is going to ask for a battle potrait. But, if your going to do all the work for perfect pose CSPs, you should attempt to make perfect pose BPs, too. It's really quite easy. Make a copy of your CSP in gimp (I'm assuming photoshop would work the same way). Then just drag and drop a Battle Portrait file over it. This will add the BP as a new layer. Delete most of the BP, leaving a small area. Use this small area to move and resize the BP layer over the area of the CSP you have planned to make BPs out of. Make sure to keep the BP's sides the same ratio. Now, fill in your BP layer white and your CSP layer black. In gimp's layer tab, right click the BP layer and merge it over the CSP. Now select and delet the white so that it's transparent. It should look something like this:

    To make a BP, you just drag and drop this template over the CSP. Then you merge it over the CSP. Without saving, copy the area within the blank spot. Close the CSP. Now open a BP file, paste the selected part of the CSP, and resize to fit the BP's boundaries. If you kept the ratio correct, this should prevent any stretching on the BP.

    Well that wasn't so hard, was it? Just five steps to making perfect pose CSP's! Go crazy. Feel free to post any questions or comments you have.

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    « Reply #1 on: January 04, 2012, 10:48:27 PM »

    That was really helpful! Thanks!
    I had no idea how easy or fun it would be to create my own poses.

    I'll share my cheat for eyes;
    Some characters you can just put their eyes together and replace whatever part of their eyes brawl box does render (usually just the eye whites) and get good looking (albeit somewhat limited in the direction they can look at) eyes. Mario is out of the question of course, but Link works spectacularly well for this.

    Because I'm lazy and the eyes I've done by hand always seem off when it comes to characters looking at angles, heh.
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