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Author Topic: How to have info.pac changes appear on Training Mode and SSE  (Read 1400 times)
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    « on: January 17, 2012, 07:15:41 PM »

    Well you see, when you edit your info.pac, the changes do appear in vs. mode and classic mode, but not in Training Mode, or SSE. this is because they are different files. Now if you want to have them apply, here is what you will need.

    Your edited Info.pac
    info_training.pac (Goes in "Sd\private\wii\app\RSBE\pf\info2". may differ if you are a riivo user)
    if_adv_mngr.pac (Goes in "Sd\private\wii\app\RSBE\pf\menu2". may differ if you are a riivo user)
    If you don't have those already, you can download them by clicking on them.

    Step 1. Open Your Info.pac in Brawlbox.

    Step 2. Find the MiscData[30].brres, which contains the names, team icons, etc. and export it. Do the same thing with the Miscdata140, that contains the music titles.  also do it with other changes you want.

    Step 3. open the info_training.pac/if_adv_mngr.pac in brawlbox.
    NOTE: The if_adv_mngr.pac does not use song titles. therefore, you can only apply the team icons, names, etc.

    Step 4. Look for the miscdata30. Replace it with the one from the info.pac (miscdata0 on the if_adv_mngr)

    4.5.(Only on info_training.pac) replace the miscdata140 that uses song titles with the one from your info.pac

    5. Save.

    6. rename them by removing the "_en"

    7. insert them into the right spots. (where they go is shown at the top)

    8. boot up brawl with your mods, go to training mode/SSE and enjoy.  Smiley

    If there is anything that needs to be added/changed, pm me (and yes, i know about the miscdatas that contain the changes in your info.pac)
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