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Author Topic: How to Make Battle Portraits  (Read 414 times)
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    « on: April 03, 2012, 03:38:44 PM »

    We all know how easy it is to make CSPs (heck, it's even easier with Riivolution). But what if that wasn't enough to satisfy you. Wouldn't you like to be reminded who you are as the battle goes on? Well, have I got the tutorial for you!

    What you will need for this tutorial:

    * A CSP made by you or anyone else, or an image from the internet (getting an internet image may take longer, however)
    * A 48 x 56 Adobe Photoshop Document

    And, uh...That's pretty much it.

    First you need the image. Let's say we want to replace Pit's Image with one of Waluigi's. For this instance, I WILL NOT be using the already-made BPs that came with the hack, but instead be using...THIS:

    STEP 1: Determining What You Want
    Since the BP can only be 48 x 56, you'll first have to determine which feature of your picture you want. Since all I'm focusing on is Waluigi's Head and somewhat of his pose, my end result would look like THIS:

    How did I do this? The ever-so-simple phase of shrinking the image in Adobe Photoshop.

    STEP 2: Shrinking The Image in Adobe

    Open up Adobe Photoshop (I use Version CS3), and click "File". From there, click "New". From there, you will be shown a box that looks like this:

    Make sure the box matches the one shown here. Type in "48" for Width, and "56" for Height. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure the "Background Contents" section is selected as "Transparent", as its the only way the game will read it without all the white space, which we will remove in our next step.

    Now simply shrink the image to your desired size. It could be the head, the emblem of which the character has, whatever the heck floats your boat. Now about all that white space...

    STEP 3: Removing The Unwanted Space

    If your background is white, black or has some unnessicary backgrounds you want to berid of, use the "Magic Wand" tool in MS Paint. It looks like this:

    Now enter a number between 0 and 255 in the Tolerence Section. I'd prefer staying low, somewhere around 45-60.

    Now you can crop the unwanted space and delete it until it meets to your liking. Your finished result might look like THIS:

    FINAL STEP: Inserting it in BrawlBox

    All characters in Brawl follow a certain code. These are the codes for the Battle Portraits located in the "portrite" folder of the "info" folder:

    InfFace001 - Mario
    InfFace011 - Donkey Kong
    InfFace021 - Link
    InfFace031 - Samus
    InfFace041 - Yoshi
    InfFace051 - Kirby
    InfFace061 - Fox
    InfFace071 - Pikachu
    InfFace081 - Luigi
    InfFace091 - Captain Falcon
    InfFace101 - Ness
    InfFace111 - Bowser
    InfFace121 - Peach
    InfFace131 - Zelda
    InfFace141 - Sheik
    InfFace151 - Ice Climbers
    InfFace161 - Marth
    InfFace171 - Game and Watch
    InfFace181 - Falco
    InfFace191 - Ganondorf
    InfFace211 - MetaKnight
    InfFace221 - Pit
    InfFace231 - Z-Suit Samus
    InfFace241 - Olimar
    InfFace251 - Lucus
    InfFace261 - Diddy Kong
    InfFace271 - PKMN Trainer
    InfFace281 to InfFace301 - Charizard, Squirtle and Ivysaur, respectivly
    InfFace311 - King DeDeDe
    InfFace321 - Furry Goku (AKA Lucario)
    InfFace331 - Ike
    InfFace341 - R.O.B.
    InfFace361 - Jigglypuff
    InfFace371 - Wario
    InfFace401 - Toon Link
    InfFace431 - Wolf
    InfFace451 - Snake
    InfFace461 - The Hedgehog That Is Not Shadow  Im srs here

    Since our prime target is to replace Pit, I'll open up file "InfFace221", right-click the original image in the "Textures" section of the file, hit "Replace", and locate the file to wherever I saved it, until finally, the image is swapped. Save what you fixed, and you're done. Congradulations, you made a Battle Portrait.

    But what if you want to make the same thing, but for the various different colors that the character has? Well, That's for another day...in another tutorial...

     I see what you did there ...

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