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Author Topic: Shion Sonozaki over Peach  (Read 3284 times)
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    « on: July 09, 2012, 02:04:04 PM »

    [EDIT]: Shion will now be over peach, as the guy doing the vertex for me needs to use peach.And peach is worthless anyway xD.She is also around 80% done.All thats left to do is down special + SFX+her cleaver refuses to show up... And if you read this and have an idea for recolors other than when she's marauding as Mion , put it below.

    So this thread will be the exact same as the Mugetsu one, where ppl can suggest moves, though this one will probably get far less activity as Bleach is a lot more popular than Higurashi-something-something-something. But if you have watched it, her primary weapons will be dual cleavers/knives(but cleavers are more badace soo...),a taser, and possibly a gun(AK47 or probably just foxes gun). So far heres what I got
    A combo: 2 quick slashes(4% each)
    side tilt: a stronger slash (8%)
    down tilt:similar to marths(6%)
    up tilt: Jump with knife extended(12%)
    Side smash:Ground-smashing attack( 20%)
    down smash:Swings knife, then cleaver(20%)
    Up smash: puts her taser in the air and uses it(18% and stunned)
    neutral B: throw her cleaver like a boomerang(18%)
    Side B: Taser(18% and opponent is stunned)
    Down B: Gun(3% per bullet) or whichever neutral b option isnt chosen
    up B: like MK's side B in an upward direction, with cleavers held forward(15%)
    Final smash: Hinamizawa lv5: dashes forward and if catches enemy one of three things can happen: if A is pressed, Shion will release a flurry of slashes (55%) followed by a taser to the face(15% and leaves enemy stunned). If B is pressed, Shion will stab you with some deadly drug(puts a flower on your head) then slash you (55%). If the shield button is pressed, she will stab you once, throw you away(20%), then heal herself back to 0%. All attacks will be SFX hacked, like Hollow Ichigo.Though it may be harder to find good ones...
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