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Author Topic: Random Freezing (Solved)  (Read 622 times)
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    « on: August 15, 2012, 09:23:37 AM »

    Hey guys,

    Recently (really, as soon as I downloaded the Kid Buu 1.6 PSA), I've been getting freezing on the CSS like no tomorrow (both beeping freezing and silent freezing). At first, I thought the problem resided in the Info_en, but no dice. Then I thought that Common5 might be causing it, so I reverted it to my original Common5 from before. Still didn't get anywhere.

    The Beep Freezing occurs when I'm on the CSS for the first time and I pan near Lucario and all the other Pokémon. It also occurs in Training mode when I panned over Lucario. The silent freezing occurred after a few matches (when Buu didn't freeze on CSS) and when I panned over a random area of the CSS.

    Any ideas?

    *Just realized that this could go Interface Help or somewhere in that area. If so, moving it would be fantastic*

    *EDIT: Figured out what was wrong. Toon Link and Link's common5 bust files are causing it. I changed it to an old common5 and it worked perfectly. Just gotta find those images again and put them back in. No biggie.
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