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Author Topic: Change attacks depending on damages / how many times they are used  (Read 553 times)
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    « on: October 22, 2012, 10:44:24 AM »

    In this tutorial i'm going to share with you 2 things i discovered by myself to change collisions/SFX/GFX... of a move depending on :
    -How many damages the character have (not for 1 value only !)
    -How many times an attack is used.

    Let's start with the first thing.
    Everyone should have read in many places / topics that IC-Basic[2] = current damages of a character.
    It's very interesting as it can make many things possible. But it's more interesting to have various effects depending on several values of damages.
    Like 0% to 150% = this, 151% to 300% = that, etc.
    I'm going to show you how to make it.
    Let's make an attack which makes more and more damages when its owner have more and more damages.
    It should look like this (from the first If Compare to the last End If) :

    To make this, you need first an If Compare.
    Choose this one :

    And enter values shown in pictures (replace 200 by the number you want) :

    Of course copy/paste collision(s) that is (are) here as many times as you have comparisons. Then change inside what you want : damages, knockback, flags...
    This code will compare first if current damages of character is equal or higher than the highest value, and if it's not the case, it will then check the value just under, and under, until a comparison is true or until it reach the latest Else.
    Remember to ALWAYS do like it is shown in the first picture, don't make something like 400 > 300 > 500 > 200 > 100 because it won't work properly, i let you guess why.
    Congratulations, you just made an attack which deals damages depending on current damages of its owner. Of course you can use this for other purposes, like modifying knockback, activating GFX, SFX, etc...

    Now for the second thing.
    I found a way to make something similar to what i shown you above, but not depending on damages this time, depending on how many times an attack is used.
    It works on the same basis, with If Comparison functions.
    The most difficult thing was to find a variable that could be incremented / decremented / replaced by a value / compared to a value. I tried many things and eventually i found something that worked.
    Let's do again an attack which deals damages depending on how many times it is used until it ends. I have done it to Yoshi's grab, the more he pummels, the more it deals damages. Of course the variable which counts each pummel goes back to 0 when Yoshi is doing a new grab, to avoid dealing a huge amount of damages easily.
    Like previously, make several If Comparisons (copy and paste are useful). But it is looking different this time :

    Use the same If Comparison with same parameters EXCEPT this one :

    You may have noticed something else...
    At the bottom of the code, there is a Float Variable Add: RA-Float[150] + 1
    Use this :

    It's not over yet. This RA-Float[150] needs to be 0 at the beginning of the grab and also needs to go back to 0. Here is how to make it (make sure to do it for Catch, CathDash and CatchTurn) :

    IMPORTANT : RA-Float[150] may be already used (Ike for example) so you have to choose an other variable if you have freezing issues.
    Like previously you can use this for other purposes, like activating GFX, SFX and other stuff...

    Variables that works fine for some characters :
    Charizard [150]
    Ike [75]
    Yoshi [150]

    This tutorial is now over, have fun with brawl hacking !
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    No more into brawl hacking as long as Fighter.pac remains not editable, also i don't have time for that anymore for the moment.
    PSA/Moveset HERE : http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=41974.0
    STAGES HERE : http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=60399.0

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    « Reply #1 on: October 23, 2012, 11:23:52 AM »

    Might be useful...

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    « Reply #2 on: October 30, 2012, 04:10:29 PM »

    Thanks, I'll try to do this for every character, maybe that way brawl will become more interesting

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