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Author Topic: simple good looking CSPs  (Read 282 times)
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    « on: February 17, 2013, 02:24:17 AM »

    so, you want to make CSPs, but they don't come out good enough, well, this is a guide to make your CSPs look better, with an easy way to do it
    1. open up brawlbox & select the PAC/PCS file you want

    2.right click & select preview

    3.click the bones button to hide teh bones

    4.adjust teh lighting

    5.load an animation file (u can download the under teh resources section)

    6.select the pose you want, & adjust teh camera

    7.print screen it, & paste it into any picture editing program

    8.cut out a 128 X 160 portrait

    9. load it into a program like gimp, & select the add alpha file channel and select everything that isn't the portrait with teh magic wand

    now, it still looks like crap, so, lets fix teh color!

    10.adjust teh brightness/contrast until you get something you like

    11.export it &, upload it 2 teh vault!

    now just use this with every other CSP tutorial on teh vault, & they will B perfect!
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