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Author Topic: Tutorial: How to do your own Stage Selection Portraits / Pictures / Stage Names  (Read 613 times)
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    « on: February 22, 2013, 07:21:06 AM »

    What you need:
    • Brawlbox (Get it >>here<<)
    • Gimp (Get it  >>here<< or >>here<<)
      Attention! I use the German Version of Gimp, so the buttons of Gimp are freely translated by me, it could be that they have slightly different names!
    • >>This<< gimp file
    • this image:
      (yes, this picture is pure black)

    • "sc_selmap.pac" of your region
      If you don't already have one, here is how to get one:
      There are three ways to get a sc_selmap.pac of your region:
      1. The easiest way: Go >>here<< and scroll down until you find the "Original Brawl Files". Download them and you will find the sc_selmap.pac in the menu2 folder.

      2. Start WiiXplorer  (Get it  >>here<<) via the HomebrewChannel and copy the sc_selmap.pac out of the menu2 folder to your SD-Card. The menu2 folder should be located in \private\wii\app\RSBP\pf.

      3. Install a USB-Loader (just google it or use this >>Link<<) on your Wii. Dump with the help of the USB-Loader SuperSmashBrosBrawl to your USB-Stick or SD-card. If it is a WBFS-File instead of an ISO-File just convert it with the WiiBackupManager (Get it  >>here<<). Now install WiiScrubber (Get it  >>here<<) and open your ISO-File with it. Extract the sc_selmap.pac of your region out of Partition1/menu2.
    • optionally a good font to create stagenames (Get it  >>here<<). Doubleclick it and click install. (for Win7 users, if you are not a Win7 user google how to install a font.

    What you've got to do:
    You need a picture of the stage you want to do the things for. Often the preview picture here on BrawlVault is enough.

    Open it with Gimp, click on picture then on scale image. Click on the upper chain and resize the picture to 176x176 Pixel. Click on file, export and save it as PNG-image.

    Open it with Gimp and resize it like described before, but this time to 64x56 Pixel. Click File, then open as new layer and choose the miniimage.xcf. Maybe you need to arrange the layers with drag & drop. If it looks good export and save it as PNG-image.

    Open the name.png with Gimp. Click on tools, then on text and make a big textbox on the name.png. Change the color to white (right bottom corner). Optionally change the font to SuperSmashFont. Write the Name of your Stage and choose a font-size. Export and save it as PNG-image.

    How to import it to Brawl
    Open your sc_selmap.pac with BrawlBox and replace the pictures you want to replace (right-click, replace).
    They should be located in MiscData[80].

    The sc_selmap.pac should go into the menu2 folder on your sdcard.

    Feel free to share! You are allowed to copy parts of this text if you give proper credits to me.
    This one is dedicated to all the great contributing people (whether it are stages, textures, programs or tutorials or whatever..).
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    « Reply #1 on: February 22, 2013, 09:04:56 AM »

    Hi and Thanks for this tut Cheesy

    that will help me a lot!
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    « Reply #2 on: April 06, 2013, 01:25:18 AM »

    This can be great with more images!

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