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Author Topic: Shadow Dragon Recolo' Studio  (Read 5776 times)
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    « on: April 01, 2013, 04:15:54 AM »

    Good morrow, Kitties! Kage Ryu has finally decided to post his texturing thread. Kage Ryu started off with basic recolors of characters, and though he is like to transition to more complex Brawl mods, he still enjoys recoloring things from time to time and would like to share what he has and what may be in the works. Enjoy!

    Released Works

      Game & Watch - Kage Ryu's Recolors

    A personal set of recolors to make G-Dubs more vibrant to counter Brawl's dull saturation. Not that the black & white ones are all that original (and Cyan was simply moved to G-Dubs' blue slot), but they were a good warm-up in the world of Brawl modding.

      Ike - Kage Ryu Style

    A Red Team Ike that bears Kage Ryu's personal emblem and favorite colors. Surprisingly popular, being a personal hack that Kage Ryu decided to share.

    Loosely based off of a stylized self-portrait:

      Samus - Okuu-Fusion Style

    A recolor of Samus inspired by the character Utsuho Reiuji from The Touhou Project:

    Meant to capture Utsuho's essence through coloration while still being sci-fi. Kage Ryu would like to properly import an original model, but such a task would require monumental amounts of time to look anywhere near decent, as Samus's rig is downright simple compared to what Okuu would require.

      Yukari Yakumo - Hisoutensoku Recolors

    Kyouma's import of Yukari Yakumo from Touhou, now sporting all of her recolors from Touhou 12.3: Hisoutensoku, an official fighting-game spinoff of the bullet-hell-shooter series. Also graced with metal shaders that the original import lacked.

    Kage Ryu would enjoy make more Hisoutensoku recolors for other Touhou characters, but chose Yukari as this model in particular is quite close to her appearance in the fighting games.

      Vivian - Kage Ryu's Recolors

    It wasn't log after Nanobud's imported Peardian's Vivian model that Kage Ryu decided she needed recolors, as Kage Ryu was pretty much going to replace all of Ness with the beloved Paper Mario Partner. So that's what Kage Ryu did, though they weren't released to the vault.

    ...Little did he know that Peardian had already done recolors of his own model that didn't come with Nano's import. Kage Ryu discovered this, and with Peardian's blessing, combined his recolors with Peardian's into a single Vivian-recolor pack and submitted it to the vault.

    Peardian's recolors:

    Other Projects

    Some works that Kage Ryu has either done and not released yet, plans to work on, is working on, or is deciding whether to release it or not.

      Kirby Bros. Hat - Kirby with his own Mario Bros. hat for when he swallows Mario or Luigi.

      Sword Kirby - Kirby with a retextured sleep hat (taken from green jiggs) and recolors of Marth's sword for Marth Kirby and Ike Kirby, instead of their hair. Sword is made to look like Sword Kirby's sword and Fire Sword Kirby's sword (Squeak Squad). Still tweaking the position of the hat, and may end up scrapping this in favor of importing a sword that isn't just a retexture of a miniature Falchion.

      Lady Jiggs - A recolor of Jiggs that makes him look lady-like. Rather simple.

      Shiny Sleepy Jiggs - Basically, RAWRzilla's Shiny Jigglypuff, plus the sleep hat. Not really my own texturing work, or even a recolor, so probably not gonna release it.

      Ike - Raiken Style - Like Kage-Ryu-styled Ike, this texture is based off of another of Kage Ryu's original characters. May or may not release, since it may become a model import instead.

      Captain Falcon - Kage Ryu style - Falcon with Kage Ryu's emblem and colors. A must for a Shadow Dragon that mains Falcon.

    More to come next week. Have a lovely day, and watch for falling tombstones!


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