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Author Topic: Semipsycho's Guide To Retexturing Mr. Game & Watch  (Read 259 times)
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    « on: April 26, 2013, 11:07:04 PM »

    This is a guide on how to retexture Mr. Game & Watch. Unlike the other characters, he does not have any image files containing his textures, and only has one FitGamewatch00.pac file because all of his different colors are inside of it. This is why if you got a model import over Mr. Game & Watch, each color is the same. Okay, let's get started.

    ***Here's a picture on Google that has each Mr. Game & Watch in order. It might come in handy later.

    Step 1: Download FitGamewatch00.pac here:

    Step 2: Open FitGamewatch00.pac with Brawl Box (v0.67b preffered).

    Step 3: You will see a bunch of different data folders, choose the first one that says "AnimationData[0]".

    Step 4: Open "AnmClr[NW4R]", and there will be 5 different folders. The first one, "AGameWatch", contains the inner colors for Mr. Game & Watch. The others are for the outer brim colors for MGW. You will need to change them each to the same colors.

    Step 5: First let's change MGW's inner colors. Open "AGameWatch", and click on "TevColorReg0", and you will see different colors like this:

    Step 6: This is where the picture I gave you comes in handy. The colors here correspond to the colors in the picture. Do not edit the Mask color or the one at the very bottom, it isn't used. Change each color to what you desire, but do not choose a number for "A".

    *** I suggest you keep a Notepad open to record your RGB settings of your choice, like this:
    Outer Colors:
    Black: RGB: 0
    Orange: R: 232 G: 132 B: 0
    Aquish: R: 13 G: 155 B: 122
    White: RGB: 255
    Lime: R: 163 G: 198 B: 9
    Pink: R: 255 G: 0 B: 117

    Inner Colors:
    White: RGB: 255
    Red: R: 224
    Green: R: 90 G: 188 B: 22
    Light Blue: R: 147 G: 255 B: 249
    Yellow: R: 229 G: 255
    Purple: R: 74 B: 191

    These are my colors:
    I basically made all the original colors more vivid, and replaced the blue one with the light blue one, and edited the original light blue one to be purple.

    Step 7: Now we want to edit the outer colors. There are multiple folders that contain the same palette. You need to change each individually. Unfortunately you can't export the "TevColorReg0" and replace the ones with the same colors, or you'll get a result that looks like this:

    ***Remember, this is where recording the RGB settings will help because you can just insert the same numbers for each corresponding color.

    This is what all of my outer colors look like:

    Step 8: Now that you've finished copying all of those, there's one more that you need to do. Fortunately, this one doesn't have as many to copy. Scrolling a little bit down there is another AnimationData[0], open it, and you will see more of the same thing. Just change it to what you did with the other one, and then you're almost done!

    Step 9: Save the FitGamewatch00.PAC to a destination folder of your choice, and then save another one into the same place but name it FitGamewatch00.PCS.

    Step 10: Place into SD: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/fighter/gamewatch. Play in-game and enjoy!

    If anybody wants me to make portraits for their retextured Mr. Game & Watch, then ask me, and I will try to find some time to make some for you. Have fun retexturing, and I hope this tutorial helped anybody!
    (I tried my best to make it exactly 10 steps).

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