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Author Topic: Megas XLR Goodness!  (Read 1238 times)
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    « on: May 27, 2013, 04:11:07 AM »

    Just recently got the Megas XLR Soundtrack! This series has so much good music, and yet there's nearly NOTHING on Brawl Vault from it!!! I hearby fix that now with over 20 different Megas XLR BRSTMs perfectly looped for Brawl play! These are the ones I made with intent to use myself (which is why they're mainly rock and metal) but I'm accepting requests. (please see "Planned Releases" below)

    by Blues Saraceno

    Blood Shot
    by Blues Saraceno

    by Calvin Odom, Rasheed Stone, & Sean Hoffman

    Chicks Dig Giant Robots (5 versions)
    by Deathwish IX

    Chopping Spree
    by Dweezil Zappa

    Coma Dose
    by [censored] McNazi (not kidding)

    Cylinder Head
    by Gresby Nash

    Dead Man
    by Ian Robert Anderson

    Disorderly Conduct
    by Dave Smalley

    Happy Husker B
    by Dave Smalley

    Harsh Life B
    by Ross Randy

    Here We Go
    by Chris Lang & Eric Cunningham

    Lose My Hi
    by Dweezil Zappa

    Midnight Rodeo
    by Chris Lang, Eric Cunningham, & Jacqueline

    Punk Montage B
    by Todd King

    Return of the Caveman
    by Daniel Holter, Janelle Robertson, & Jordan Richter

    Ro-Sham-Bo (Modified)
    by Blues Saraceno
    Modified by WMX

    Short Hair
    by Dennis Winslow, Robert J Walsh, & Ronn L. Chick

    Ska'd 4 Life
    by Dweezil Zappa

    Spin, Spin, Spin
    by Julian Eremy & Rupert Lyddon

    Toxic Waste
    by Albert Lennard & Matt Siola

    Viper Room Rumble
    by Julian Eremy & Rupert Lyddon

    Planned Releases: Punk Montage A, accepting requests through posts or PMs (MUST know the name of the track but also knowing the artist(s) helps a lot, please make friends with Google)

    Issues: The preview video for "Ro-Sham-Bo" says "Video player is too small". Clicking the video leads to the actual video but it's annoying that I've uploaded a 480p video before and it worked fine but I tried reuploading a 480p version of this video and it didn't work. (both are 16:9) Not sure what I'm doing wrong, information on what limits the video needs to conform to would help a lot...

    As always from WMX: No static and perfect loop! Enjoy!

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