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Author Topic: Crop & Selection Tutorial for Csp and Portrites  (Read 297 times)
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    « on: September 18, 2013, 10:09:35 PM »

    Why this tutorial?

    Many times we want to make a perfect csp or portrite for recolor (so they can fit perfectly in the same place) or something else,
     but when we want to make the perfect selection & crop for our creations, the first one it's good; but what if this thing happend

    As you can see, they are the same character in the same position (obviously with diferent color)
    and in the same space, but not in the same place, and this make the work look, all mess up

    ! Things we will need ¡

    (The editor that will be using)

    Maybe this Tutorial
    (Just if you want to know how to make the csp)

    Some Experience
    (Not much don't worry Grin)

    Puting everything in its place...

    Now we have to open the csp's that we will select and crop and may look like this

    If you have the newest brawlbox you can take a screenshot with invisible background (Sorry that mine's
    on spanish, but doesn't matter :p)

    Now we open a new layer and we resize it to 128 x 160 and make it invisible

    If you have done everything good it will look like up here

    Let's Start!!!

    We go to the 128 x 160 layer and we resized to the size that will be fiting (Maintain the aspect radio must be check,
     so you will only change the Width), like mine is 350 x 438 but may vary ( this will be aprox the same number that you will be
    using, so there's not much problem)

    Now we copy all the 350 x 438 layer (Ctrl + A), then return to the
     first image, and paste it as a new layer

    And now whe are going to choose our csp place (Whe are doing this, only moving the
    350 x 438 layer to the desired place), like this. And then we press (Ctrl + C)

    Once we done the above, let's pass to the 2nd image and paste it as a new layer
     the the previously copied

    We almost finish, only about two more steps

    Crop it and merge layers (Make this with all the images)

    Only 1 step ! Resize the image to 128 x 160 and there you
    go your final product

    Hope you like it and maybe a will be making more tutorials and you
    can use the same method for the portrites only changing their respective size Grin  Kirby Dance !


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