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Author Topic: Brawl Knights *HELP WANTED*  (Read 1001 times)
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    « on: January 12, 2015, 03:03:30 PM »

    Hey! So, I could make a long post about where I got this idea and stuff, but it'd be pointless, especially since I doubt this will get any attention, so I'll get to the point.
    I want to make a mod where every character is a Meta Knight clone / variation, generally involving different elements, as well as rebalanced stages. I'll need people who can work with BrawlEx, Texturing (Recolors) / Modeling, PSAs, Animations (if possible), and also maybe stages and stage select screen organization. If you have experience in any of these fields, please comment below. Otherwise, thanks for at least taking the time to read through this post!

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