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Author Topic: Brawlbox compatible Scott Pilgrim  (Read 1309 times)
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    « on: April 05, 2014, 09:35:10 AM »

    So I decided to re-code scott pilgrim over Lucas to work with Brawlbox 68b's moveset editor. Normally it just crashes if you try to save anything and I kinda wanna be able to see hitboxes and whatnot as I balance this guy for my B+ pack. I figure I'm probably not the only person interested in tweaking his moveset and fixing those god awful hurtboxes on him.

    I literally just copy pasted most of it but I did make a few balance tweaks and fixed his hurtboxes. I also didn't copy over the old scotts attributes, so if you want those you will have to do them yourself but here it is; a BrawlBox 68b compatible scott pilgrim PSA file to use with the scott pilgrim PSA pack.


    It's just a replacement moveset file for the original lucas scott pilgrim found here:


    For now this is the only place I'm posting this, though I'll probably post it on the vault later.
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