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Author Topic: [Guide] Installing Homebrew for 4.3 Wiis  (Read 4400 times)
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    « on: April 08, 2014, 06:08:14 PM »

    What’s up guys IckTwo0. (audiobronymixer) here. And today I’m going to show you how to install the Homebrew Channel for 4.3 Wiis (United States only)
    The only couple of ways to use Homebrew on a 4.3 Wii back then was to use Smash Stack or Twilight Hack (Temporary). But that isn’t necessary anymore. Now you can use LetterBomb.

    Step 1: Get Information
    First thing you want to do is turn the Wii on. Next go into the Wii options and select “Wii Settings”. Go to the second page and select “Internet”. Once opened, Select “Console Information”. Now there should be a “Mac Address” and a “LAN Adapter Mac Address”. For now you’ll be only be using the “Mac Address. Copy the Mac Address down or keep the screen with it on (will be needing it).

    Step 2: Using LetterBomb
    LetterBomb is probably the most useful things to softmod 4.3 Wiis of all kind, but again were here for U.S. ONLY. Go to the LetterBomb Site here à please.hackmii.com.
    The first thing you should see is a picture of a bomb in a red envelope. If you do see it, then you’re halfway there. Remember I told you to either write down the “Mac Address” Or leave the screen with it on? Now you have to put the “Mac Address “in the Mac Address section (it should have translucent Letters like AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF in the bubbles).There is a little bubble under it that says “Bundle the Hackmii Installer for me!” Keep that checked. Put your Mac Address in with NO SPACES (the bubbles will already separate them for you, also don’t worry about caps). Type in the Captcha on the bottom and press either “Cut the red wire” Or “Cut the blue Wire” (don’t worry they both do the same thing).Now wait for it to download completely. When it’s done go to Step 3

    Step 3: Installing Homebrew
    This part is very simple but needs to be done exactly the way it is told. Once you have the files extracted, find an empty SD card and drag all the contents into the blank SD card. Once you did that, it’s time to put the SD card into the Wii and turn it on. Now when you turn on the Wii, go to the message boards and look between yesterday or tomorrows date. You should see a red letter with a bomb in it. When you see that, click on it. Now what should be happening is a bunch of numbers appear in front of your screen. Don’t worry about this is just the LetterBomb doing its magic. You’ll be brought to another menu were it tells you about the Warnings. Go ahead and accept. Go ahead install bootmii And Homebrew From that point and wait for it to finish installing. When it’s all done you should be directed to the Homebrew Channel. CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve successfully installed the Homebrew Channel on your now softmoded wii.
    IF you have a problem in anyway of installing this, Please PM me so I can help you further personally
    Enjoy Your Modded Wii

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