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Author Topic: [Tutorial]making a stage origin  (Read 1126 times)
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    « on: May 05, 2014, 12:13:06 AM »

    CREDIT: For Mewtwo2000 for the trick
    now this is something i know a few ask for so i wanna show off the simple method of making them

    now i will use a game image for this example iw ill be using banjo kazooie since i have made a stage for that game

    this one to be exact

    so now time for photoshop

    Step 1: The basic
    the size of the logo of the game is 120 x 56
    youl be needing  black base for this trick so add a new layer and make it soild black

    Step 2: the effects to make this work
    -add the image
    -make it solid white
    Blending Options
    -color overlay solid white 0,0,100
    -Outer Glow solid white 0,0,100

    Step 3: making the picture look like the game
    -on the layer area of Photoshop go to the channel it show look like this

    -now in the channel section add a new layer and it should say alpha now here the serect to making them you take the image you added to the image copy that exactly(the effect wont show on the alpha frame that a good thing

    -now paste the logo on the alpha channel(it should look like this)

    Step 4: Saving and Preview
    now to make sure your image is perfect for smash bro save it as a .tga an now import it to your common5
    and here is a preview of the logo in game

    and that it Smiley thank you again for mewtwo2000 for the tip on how to make these and i hope this is easy for everyone to follow if and anyone wants me to make a video instead of this layout just tell me below and i will get right to work on it

    i have a new site click here to check it out

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