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Author Topic: AlGeorgeRomo: SSBMR Help with Programming  (Read 2969 times)
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    « on: September 04, 2014, 04:07:54 PM »

    I don't know if there's already a thread about this, but I'm writing it because I have no time to look for one.

    I am AlGeorgeRomo, creator of the Melee Remastered Characters and Super Smash Bros Melee: Remastered. Check my vault here:

    Here are my SSBMR threads:

    My goal with SSBMR is to make it feel and play like Melee. In other words, expand Project M by modifying All Star and make it play like Melee's Adventure Mode, modify Classic Mode, etc. I need help with many things in regards to coding, but these are my biggest needs:

    1. How to change which songs appear at a certain level (for example, I'll add a Metal Mario fight in All Star, and I replaced one of the songs for Metal Battle. I want this specific song to play at this specific moment, regardless of the song switch).

    2. How to change the order of the portraits in the Rest Area stage (for example, instead of the first portrait being of Mr. Game&Watch, I want there to be 2 portraits of Yoshi)

    3. In All Star mode, I want to change the colors of the characters (for example, I'll add a fight vs 2 Ness, but both of them are their default colors. I want one to be blue and the other one to be green)

    4. How to add metal/giant characters to all All Star Mode (I want a fight against a Giant DK and Metal Mario and Luigi)

    5. How can I make it so that in All Star mode, your damage goes back to 0%. And if that's not possible, how can I add more hearts to the rest area?

    These are the things I need the most to achieve what I want. All help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    - AlGeorgeRomo
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    « Reply #1 on: September 04, 2014, 06:01:30 PM »


    Dant's openSA wiki is probably your best bet to start, though I don't know how much he and others have documented what you're asking for. Other than that, download Dolphin, check out InternetExplorer's beginner coding guide and start studying Brawl's code.


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    « Reply #2 on: September 04, 2014, 08:40:47 PM »

    These things might be of use to you:
    libertyernie's MiscData editor (for allstar/event matches): http://lakora.us/brawl/miscedit/
    libertyernie's Classic editor: http://www.mediafire.com/?06w0y1p243bycp8

    1. That is actually a separate BRSTM file (it's actually not X05). I can make one if you'd like.

    2. See MiscData editor

    3. Unsure. MiscData editor might help.

    4. What?!?! Again, miscdata editor might help. (However I think it's highly unlikely for this one.)

    5. Dunno. Simple as that.

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    « Reply #3 on: September 04, 2014, 09:23:20 PM »

    1. That is actually a separate BRSTM file (it's actually not X05). I can make one if you'd like.

    1. Not just like that. Here's a more specific example of what I want. In All-Star, there will be a fight with a Metal Mario and Luigi (if the metal is possible). I replaced one of the songs with "Metal Battle" (Melee). I want to program the game so that this specific song plays at this specific moment.

    2. In All-Star, I have changed the order of the characters and stages. The first fight will be against 2 Yoshis, but when I test the game, the first portrait is still of Mr. Game&Watch. Are you sure that I can change that in MiscData editor?

    3. I have tried both MiscData Editor and Classic Stage, and there is a "color" option with a bunch of numbers, but I don't know what numbers mean for each color.

    4. I hope that is possible. I mean, there are so many numbers, I'm sure if you change certain series of numbers, you'll be able to change them to Giant or Metal.

    5. I'll just keep hoping it's possible
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    « Reply #4 on: September 06, 2014, 12:39:09 PM »


    Start With 0% After Every Match In All-Star Mode (test) [matein10]
    E0000000 80008000
    0528AE54 00000000
    0528AE5C 00000000
    052DCE54 00000000
    052DCE5C 00000000
    E0000000 80008000

    This code I made *should* resolve issue #5.
    It works to your description on my Wii.

    As for the MiscData Editor, I seem to recall mentions of it not working on Gecko OS.  This could apply to usbloaders as well.  From my experience the edited files hardly ever worked (made any noticable change).  It should work for Riivolution, but Project:M no longer supports Riivolution (I think).

    I know from editing Event Mode with Eternal Yoshi's documentation and Tabuu, Giant characters are possible (32-bit floating point value, if the standard size for a character is 01 in hexadecimal it would be 3F800000 as a floating point value).  I *think* metal characters are possible too, however, I do not remember what to change...

    Lastly, Oshtoby made several (2?) variants of a "stage dependent song loader" which I believe originated on smashboards.com, should also have some threads in kc-mm forums.  This could help with issue #1 if I understand the problem correctly.

    I know this post is a lot to take in (long-winded bad grammar and all), but hopefully it will see some use.


    I guess I should mention that matein10 is my name somewhere else... so no pointing code stealing fingers please.
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    « Reply #5 on: September 15, 2014, 08:02:31 PM »

    For #1, what I think you could do is put the Metal Mario stage on one of the STGCUSTOMs. Normally people use STGCUSTOM stages only up to 24 (since there's a limit on the number of icons), but it's possible to load stages from higher than that. So if you made the stage STGCUSTOM30, it would be stage ID 6F, and you could tell All-Star mode to load it and use Oshtoby's code on it too.

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