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Author Topic: A Modest Proposal.  (Read 1304 times)
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    « on: May 06, 2010, 11:06:11 PM »

    [11:30:16 PM] Troy Smith: meh
    [11:30:44 PM] Troy Smith: It's just exporting the japanese files and resizing them so they match the english files
    [11:31:23 PM] Troy Smith: although when I try to replace some things, BrawlBox goes ape **** on me
    [11:31:50 PM] Troy Smith: like the Brawl symbol on the CSS
    [11:32:21 PM] Troy Smith: I even touch that thing and it brings up such a demoralizing box of text
    [11:33:17 PM] Troy Smith: http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu268/BlazingKatakiri/SSBB/al_100411_2237.jpg
    [11:33:35 PM] Troy Smith: That's what happens when I **** around in the SSE
    [11:33:58 PM] Ferrousmerby: LOL
    [11:34:00 PM] Ferrousmerby: hahahah
    [11:34:01 PM | Edited 11:34:02 PM] Ferrousmerby: that's great
    [11:34:07 PM] Troy Smith: Intense on intense
    [11:34:12 PM] Ferrousmerby: lol
    [11:34:18 PM] Ferrousmerby: lmao
    [11:34:18 PM] Ferrousmerby: dude
    [11:34:27 PM] Ferrousmerby: just make a ****load of enemies spawn everywhere
    [11:34:37 PM] Ferrousmerby: then put it up as "Super Kaizo Brothers"
    [11:34:52 PM] Troy Smith: lol
    [11:34:53 PM] Ferrousmerby: or "Kaizo Emissary"
    [11:35:01 PM] Troy Smith: I should
    [11:35:09 PM] Ferrousmerby: make the most ******* SSE ever
    [11:35:16 PM] Troy Smith: Sheep everywhere
    [11:35:24 PM] Ferrousmerby: That could be an amazing project
    [11:35:34 PM] Troy Smith: Makes it IMPOSSIBLE for heavy characters
    [11:35:38 PM] Troy Smith: apparently
    [11:35:43 PM] Ferrousmerby: Super Kaizo Bros: ******* Emissary
    [11:35:47 PM] Troy Smith: when someone heavy lands
    [11:35:54 PM] Enda Less than Three: Insta wake up
    [11:35:58 PM] Troy Smith: the shaking wakes them up
    [11:36:02 PM] Ferrousmerby: wait that happens?
    [11:36:02 PM] Ferrousmerby: Really?
    [11:36:06 PM] Troy Smith: Yea
    [11:36:08 PM] Ferrousmerby: screen shakes wake them?
    [11:36:16 PM] Troy Smith: found out the hard way with Charizard
    [11:36:19 PM] Ferrousmerby: Only 3-4 characters have screenshake
    [11:36:30 PM] Ferrousmerby: Bowser, DK, Ganon, DDD, Zard
    [11:36:32 PM] Ferrousmerby: iirc
    [11:36:42 PM] Enda Less than Three: yeah
    [11:36:51 PM] Ferrousmerby: of them
    [11:36:58 PM | Edited 11:37:11 PM] Ferrousmerby: only DDD and Bowser have screenshake on softlanding too
    [11:38:26 PM] Troy Smith: Wonder if I can replace Primid's fire punch sound with "PAAAWWNCCCH!"
    [11:38:45 PM] Ferrousmerby: lmao
    [11:38:46 PM] Ferrousmerby: prob
    [11:38:49 PM] Troy Smith: That would motivate me to mess with the SSE
    [11:39:24 PM] Ferrousmerby: can you mes with boss AI yet?
    [11:39:34 PM] Ferrousmerby: make tabuu spam off waves lol
    [11:39:42 PM | Edited 11:39:47 PM] Ferrousmerby: rayquaza spams dig
    [11:39:54 PM] Troy Smith: I wonder if I can spam the SSE with Ulimate Chimeras
    [11:39:59 PM] Troy Smith: and TowTows
    [11:40:00 PM] Ferrousmerby: OF ****
    [11:40:00 PM] Ferrousmerby: LOL
    [11:40:03 PM] Green?: duon never stops firing lazorz
    [11:40:07 PM] Ferrousmerby: lmao
    [11:40:20 PM] Ferrousmerby: Petey's head has a constant hitbox
    [11:40:26 PM] Ferrousmerby: That'd be hardcore.
    [11:40:38 PM] Green?: best one ever, ridley flies back and force across the stage and never stops
    [11:40:44 PM] Ferrousmerby: LOL
    [11:40:46 PM] Ferrousmerby: That'd be fun
    [11:40:49 PM] Green?: DODGE
    [11:40:49 PM] Green?: DODGE
    [11:40:50 PM] Green?: DODGE
    [11:40:52 PM | Edited 11:41:02 PM] Ferrousmerby: Meta Ridley stays offscreen the entire match
    [11:40:52 PM] Green?: WIFI SKILL
    [11:41:21 PM] Troy Smith: Meta Ridley take the Flyer down with him forever if you don't kill him fast enough
    [11:41:22 PM] Green?: meta ridley has invincibility frames when it drags the ship down
    [11:41:28 PM] Green?: yesss lol
    [11:41:29 PM] Ferrousmerby: lmao that sounds amazing
    [11:41:30 PM] Ferrousmerby: YES
    [11:41:33 PM] Ferrousmerby: looool
    [11:41:39 PM] Green?: the B- version of SSE
    [11:41:43 PM] Troy Smith: lol
    [11:41:43 PM] Green?: LETS GET IT
    [11:41:54 PM] Ferrousmerby: I wonder if
    [11:42:01 PM] Ferrousmerby: it's possible to make master and crazy hand appear in SSE
    [11:42:05 PM] Ferrousmerby: replace a stage with a boss battle
    [11:42:11 PM] Troy Smith: I should post this convo in the workshop
    [11:42:21 PM] Green?: ^
    [11:42:34 PM] Ferrousmerby: As of now there is absolutely no way to fight both master and crazy hand without beating classic on hard and up below 12 minutes
    [11:42:54 PM] Ferrousmerby: Wouldn't it be amazing to have an instant boss fight between them?
    [11:43:18 PM] Green?: between them?
    [11:43:23 PM] Green?: master hand v crazy hand
    [11:43:27 PM] Green?: hyyyype
    [11:43:45 PM] Ferrousmerby: er not between them
    [11:43:47 PM] Ferrousmerby: I mean against them
    [11:43:50 PM] Ferrousmerby: but holy **** that'd be epic
    [11:43:54 PM] Ferrousmerby: master vs crazy hand boss battle?
    [11:44:00 PM] Green?: yess
    [11:44:04 PM] Ferrousmerby: OH OH OH
    [11:44:08 PM] Ferrousmerby: We need master hand
    [11:44:08 PM] Ferrousmerby: to have
    [11:44:12 PM] Ferrousmerby: free roam like in Smash 64
    [11:45:06 PM] Troy Smith: You vs Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Tabuu........and Ganon
    [11:45:12 PM] Troy Smith: Best boss ever?
    [11:45:20 PM] Ferrousmerby: GIGA BOWSER TOO
    [11:45:23 PM] Ferrousmerby: Killable giga bowser
    [11:45:33 PM] Troy Smith: That's overkill
    [11:45:38 PM] Ferrousmerby: yeah fine ganon
    [11:45:47 PM] Troy Smith: Ganondorf's just the for the lolz
    [11:45:55 PM] Ferrousmerby: perfect

    Well, gentlemen? What kind of crack team of super hackers do we need to make the most [censored]ish but beatable SSE ever? (SSE for Brawl- anyone?)

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