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Author Topic: Project SSF2 Sora w/ some changes  (Read 2627 times)
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« on: August 17, 2016, 11:19:19 PM »

I'm posting this here for future reference for myself and also to anyone interested. I know there are quite some Sora PSAs, but I want to eventually make an ambitious project. I am new to Brawl/PM modding so to anyone that has made PSAs before, please tell me what's possible to do or not. I just downloaded BrawlBox so I'm just learning the basics right now. And if any one wants to help with this they are absolutely welcome to. Animators, PSA coders, and modelers are greatly appreciated.

Sora (Moveset partly based off SSF2)

Attacks and Throws

Jab (KH1 3 hit ground combo)

Dash Attack (Sliding Dash, KH: COM)

Forward/Down/Up Tilt (SSF2)

Neutral Air (KH1 3 hit air combo - kind of like Bayonetta's fair in SSB4 except Keyblade swings)

Up Air (SSF2)

Down Air (SSF2)

Forward Air (SSF2)

Back Air (Prism Windmill, KH3D)

Forward Smash (Blitz, KH1)

Up Smash (Aero, SSF2)

Down Smash (Vicinity Break, KH2FM)

Forward Throw (2 hit combo -> Guard Break, KH2)

Back Throw (Slapshot, KH2)

Up Throw (Upper Slash, KH2)

Down Throw (SSF2)


B (Strike Raid):
Functions like SSF2, a boomerang like projectile that hits opponents towards Sora.

Side B (Flowmotion):
Also functions like SSF2, a lunge that has different finishing attacks depending on which direction pressed.

Up B (Aerial Recovery):
Functions like SSF2, a quick leap that can be canceled into any aerial before going into helpless state.

Down B (Command Deck):
Initially it works like SSF2 where Sora can switch between Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder magic with the command menu appearing above Sora. However the switching is done by holding Down B and the magic is cast by pressing Down B.

Down B part 2 (Limit Form, Command Style):
Magic casted by Sora fills a meter at the top of the Command Menu like Birth by Sleep. When filled, the commands change into strong attacks:

Sonic Rave (Multiple keyblade thrusts ending with a strong thrust with high knockback)
Ragnarok (Sora hovers and fire several homing projectile beams that stun)
Ars Arcanum (A fast 13 hit combo attack with the last hit having high knockback, Sora has invincibility frames during each swing.)

Final Smash: Trinity Limit (KH1)
Sora summons a circle and light envelops the stage. People trapped inside the circle are knocked back upwards.

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