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Author Topic: Creating a Pose for Multiple models  (Read 2403 times)
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    « on: July 06, 2016, 06:03:43 PM »

    So I've been asked this a few times, "How did you get the pose exactly the same for different models?". Well it's pretty simple and I will lead you through it, if after this tutorial you still need help leave a post commenting on what you need help with. (Also it isn't specified but you can use it for any model for one character, example Mr. M and Brawl Mario) For this tutorial I will be using both Luigi and Mr. L, anyways let's get started!

    Step 1:
    Right click the ModelData containing the model you want to pose and add a new model animation

    Step 2:
    Rename the pose (optional), preview the model, click the pose and pose it how you'd like and save it afterwards

    Step 3:
    Exit out of the preview, and export the model animation anywhere, but remember where because we'll come back to it

    Step 4:
    Open a different model that you'd like to copy the pose to, right click the ModelData and import the previously made Pose

    Step 5:
    Preview the model and click on the pose, and you should see that it has the exact pose!

    The next few steps are optional depending on if you wanna use the model in BrawlBox or out of it as it'll copy it over to the default T-Pose

    Step 6:
    Open the little bar at the bottom of the preview and click Copy and make sure on the right it's frame 1/1

    Step 7:
    On the right click down so that it say 0/1 and you should see that the model goes back to the T-Pose, this is okay, so now click Paste

    Step 8:
    Now you should see that your model has the pose, even when you exit!

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