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Author Topic: Project M Dolphin Refuses to load anymore  (Read 1214 times)
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    « on: March 02, 2017, 03:16:34 PM »

    I've been playing multiple Project M builds for months without any problems. Now all a sudden (since january 2017) every build refuses to load in Dolphin anymore.when i try loading Project M, It either says, "No Codes Found" or "Too many codes Found" and loads regular Brawl. I have RSBE01 as main .iso, i even ripped out my old disc thinking the image was the problem, i created multiple Virtual SD cards sizes from 4GB-8GB, I've done changed the builds from ALM5252, Vanilla builds, my own custom-ish builds, The new Msanity one, PMnetplay.elf is what i use to launch and is right on top of RSBE01. i tried even tried "skip EFB Access From CPU is checked" nothing. here's the info that i know. I would appreciate if someone knew what is going on.

    Dolphin Version: 4.0-7180
    Brawl MD5 Checksum: d18726e6dfdc8bdbdad540b561051087
    Processor: Intel Core i5 4690k
    Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 4GB GDDR5
    Memory: 16GB DDR3

    Project M screen before failure (updated) i seem to be getting closer...



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    I still have Pokerus.

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    « Reply #1 on: March 21, 2017, 10:10:17 PM »

    I'd recommend updating to Dolphin v5.0

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