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Author Topic: A Cloud moveset/texture request.  (Read 2287 times)
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« on: March 29, 2017, 02:54:26 AM »

Cloud's alts should include his KH 1 costume http://www.khwiki.com/File:Cloud_(Art).png a alt with red clothes and a black scarf/cape.
And this costume http://www.khwiki.com/File:Cloud_KHII.png with his scarf/cape.

While Cloud is a talented swordsman capable of wielding the buster sword with ease. Materia plays a Large role in his game's gameplay and story. Therefore it should be repped aswell.

-Custom moves-

N.Cust1- Cross Slash: Works the same both normally and during Limit Break. But with a slight damage boost of 2% and 3% per hit respectively.

N.Cust2- Meteorain: Cloud creates a portal that fires upto 3 small meteorites that fall at a downward angle. They deals continuous damage to opponents while slightly dragging them as they fall. During Limit Break it fires 4 somewhat larger meteorites. Deals upto 12% and 20% damage respectively.

New >.Special- Fire3: Cloud cast a mid ranged fireball that explodes on impact with a opponent, attack, or stage/hazard. It deals 10% damage and it has the highest knockback of the side specials.
LB- Flare: Cloud summons a explosion which detonates faster and larger. It deals 19% damage.

>.Cust1- Bolt3: Cloud cast a fast moving mid ranged bolt of lightning that burst on impact with a opponent, attack, or stage/hazard. It deals upto 14% damage while trapping a opponent. It has nearly no knockback.
LB- Tornado: Cloud summons a tornado ahead of himself which draws in nearby opponents and traps them while dealing upto 22% damage.

>.Cust2- Ice3: Cloud cast a slower moving shot of ice that burst on impact with a opponent, attack, or stage/hazard. It deals 6% has little knockback, but freezes a opponent.
LB- Freeze: Cloud summons a blast of absolute zero ice that deals 14% damage and freezes opponents.

^.Cust1- Burnhazard: Cloud covers his sword in blue energy before performing a attack similar to Climbhazard. It deals more damage, but has a start up time of .85 seconds (making it more easily punished)

^.Cust2- Windhazard: Cloud performs a swifter move like his upward Climbhazard. It deals no damage, but moves somewhat higher and pushes opponents away interfering with their recovery. Limit Break moves faster and has stronger winds.

Cloud still uses Limit Breaker, however when fully charged his special is replaced.

v.Cust1- Omnislash: Cloud slashes once. If he catches a opponent he'll deliver several slashes in rapid succession. It deals upto 34% damage. It can be interupted by outside attacks and stage hazards, and has very little knockback. The opposite of a Finishing Touch.

v.Cust2- Ultima: Cloud cast rather large powerful explosive spell that deals 30% damage and heavy knockback, but has a startup time of 1.75 seconds.

Cinematic Omnislash Version 6 replaces the original.

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