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Question: What do you think about this Koopa psa? Should I release it?
Yeah, sure.   - 18 (81.8%)
I would give a try. - 3 (13.6%)
The psa seems decent, but the character is not that interesting. - 0 (0%)
I like the character, but the psa is not what I expected. - 1 (4.5%)
No, I definitely don't care about this character neither any psa related to it. - 0 (0%)
Total Voters: 22

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Author Topic: Mortimer's Thread - Working on Chris Redfield  (Read 51877 times)
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    « Reply #300 on: April 22, 2018, 03:14:39 PM »

    Chris' only problem is that I managed to change Snake's grenades to give him several types of grenades you can choose to throw. You know... to mimic RE5 and RE6's grenade types. And randomly one of those grenades get stuck on the ground and the game crashes if you pick another.
    One of those bugs I can fix in 5 mins or 2 months, depending on how lucky I am. Not very lucky, lately.

    I used Ike as a base for Wesker, since his fighting style is not based on projectiles. Plus, Ike has a pretty small motion I can use to boost a little the texture quality.

    I downloaded those voices from youtube, don't worry. Smiley But if you for some obscure reason have his combat voices (punches and kicks) from RE5, that would be awesome. I managed to extract Chris' voices from RE6 using a now forbidden tool from their modding community. Unfortunately, there's no Wesker in RE6.

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