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35 August 11th, 2013

It Doesn't Matter (SA) by SonicWolf
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

I'm back to uploading but there won't be many till I finish my projects. Once done I'll upload those for you guys to see & enjoy! Now onto the description!

I know theres another one of these on the vault but I decided to remake it from the same video as the preview of that one. Custom looped & made by me. If you want this version you gotta get this one since the other has a broken download (I tried it despite the report to make sure. trolls and all) XD

Hope you guys enjoy!
(Source: Sonic Adventure)
19 July 13th, 2014

Christmas Dark Link by SonicWolf
[Character - Texture - Link]

If anyone has a picture for this hack please PM it to me. I lost alot of old hacks and only got a very few (like 5 or 6) and this one doesn't have one! I'll credit you and post it when I do but till then I'll describe it. He's got a Green hat and a Red tunic. Green gauntlets (I think) and boots (I think). Please bare with me. Thank you.

If you need to be credited please PM me.
Also from what I hear you can just use this without the dark link moveset. The shield would look bad however if it shows cuz this is made for Dark Link over Link.

I haven't uploaded for *thinks how long* about a year I think? But yeah. It looks like Dark Link likes Christmas so he dressed up. Download is a .zip & only has a FitLink0X.pac & FitLink0X.pcs so you gotta name them & I believe you must get the Dark Link over Link Pack to use it tho I might be mistaken. If so PM me & I'll update this description.

Green Sword of epicness
Red tunic with Green Cap
Red Sheath
& of course Red Eyes with black skin for evil ness :D

Have an evil christmas time with this guy

Preview is a Brawl Box pic but don't report cuz of it. Will accept In Game pics of him.

88 September 20th, 2012

Wolf Shrug V2 Beta by SonicWolf with credit to (once again) Pavlova for helping me understand animation hacking
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Wolf]

This is the same as Wolf Shrug Beta V1 but this time it's animated! Preview is for losing animation & is my 1st animated image. I decided to only do frames 1, 30, 50, 60, 80, 110 & 119 even tho it's actually 120 frames. I recommended it on his losing animation. Might do this for Fox but not sure.

78 November 3rd, 2013

Marth Strap Menu by SonicWolf with credit to ASF1nk for his Strap Menu
[Misc - Texture - Strap Screen]

Finally got around to uploading this!
Requested by Slayermarth101

This one is themed more twoard Marth & Blue.
Did not do so much with this one but I think it looks good the way it is.

71 May 22nd, 2012

This Machine - Team Dark's Theme by SonicWolf
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

This is completely awesome & on Norfair IT'S EPIC! Not a perfect loop? Your money back! Wait, it's free so YOU GET NO MONEY BACK CUZ YOU DON'T PAY FOR IT HA HA HA!!! :D
I looped it myself & I hope you guys love it!
(Source: Sonic Heroes)
9 May 26th, 2012

Renado's/Renato's House by GanonZack, SonicWolf
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

Thanks to THE Sonic Wolf for the preview!.

This is the BG Music when you find Ilia in Kakariko Village inside renado's/renato's house. It's very quiet and I recommend it to Pirate Ship, Hanenbow or Zelda Stages
(Source: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
80 September 20th, 2012

Wolf Shrug Beta V1 by SonicWolf with credit to Pavlova for helping me understand animation hacking
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Wolf]

Now uploaded animated version!! Look for it in my vault!



This is for Wolf's losing animation & is also my 1st animation hack. I love it & I will animate it soon. Also since it only has 2 frames putting it as a taunt would make it seem to not work. He is basicly in 1 position & looks awesome. Picture is the beta preview picture. The next version of this will get it out of beta & will make it be animated. Over all this is one animation you may want to watch.

241 May 22nd, 2012

The Legend of Zelda Strap Menu by SonicWolf with credit to ASF1nk for his strap & Kienamaru for the idea & picture Ides
[Misc - Strap Screen]

Sorry if I had to credit before. I forgot ;D

Requested by Kienamaru.

I made this using ASF1nk's Strap Menu.
It is basicly a Zelda themed Strap Menu & I might make a Version 2 if I feel like it.
This is the most I've done with ASF1ink's Strap Menu & I think I did a great job.

This is great for anyone who loves The Legend of Zelda. The 1st picture is from Majora's Mask & the 3rd picture is from Ocarina of Time. Try to guess if it's the N64 version or the 3DS version. :D

Sorry for bad Video Graphics.

120 May 17th, 2012

Wolf O'Donnell's Strap Menu by SonicWolf with credit to ASF1nk for his own Strap & LCCoolJ95 for his Strap because without it I would not have figured out how to edit ASF1nk's Strap.
[Misc - Texture - Strap Screen]

This is my 1st Strap Menu & I LOVE it! I love it so much I decided to upload it for others too! Preview is to show you the biggest & (in my opinion) coolest part of it. The text will not be there & the Brawl HaX part may be a bit off only cuz I had to take them from the textures folder & Paste them in GIMP & try to remake it in GIMP. By the way the 2nd part says "Now hacking the game..." too. OH! Before I forget. The 3rd part is the same as ASF1ink's but instead of Red it's Blue. So yeah that's what it looks like & I hope you guys like it too.

Might make a Shadow the Hedgehog one but not sure.

I will make straps like this for you if you PM me the pictures for it. Just be sure to collab me.

108 October 7th, 2016

Lava Metal + Box by SonicWolf with credit to -SSJ Gogeta- for the metal picture (Picture 1)
[Item - Texture - Metal Box]

One word. EPIC!

Credit to my friend -SSJ Gogeta- for getting me the 1st picture (the left one). Thank you again -SSJ Gogeta-!

283 April 22nd, 2012

Halloween Wolf by SonicWolf
[Character - Texture - Wolf]

Made this Halloween 2011. I still think it's very good & I hope you guys think so too.

EDIT: I made his FS Eyes be inverted by the way. Also if you want to edit ask me k!

Remember to check my thread for CSPs & BPs!

243 June 8th, 2012

Dark Shadow by SonicWolf with credit to everone who made him over Donkey Kong
[Character - Texture - Donkey Kong]


Fixed Link!!!!!

Thought of this when I went to sleep last night... It's basicly shadow but without his cool red stripes. He still looks cool tho.
Previews are from Brawlbox & NOT in-game. I can't take ingame pics right now so sorry. Just settle for this for now. CSP is on my awesome Thread:

Make sure to vote lol!

92 March 25th, 2012

Mandelbrot Kirby by SonicWolf
[Character - Texture - Kirby]

I haven't uploaded much of my own work for a while & a few good friends wanted this texture too.

I found a picture online during a school project & I thought "Hey! This would make a cool texture!" & I expiramented. This is the only one that sirvived a horrobale tragity of all my hacks being eaten. If I somehow find anymore then I'll post them too if this gets enough downloads. (about 100 at least) If I reach 80 downloads then I might make recolors too.

Sorry but all I got is a Brawlbox pic cuz my dog ate my SD card. (I need to buy a new one. grrrr...)

To get the CSP make the pink invisable then resize so it looks good in a 128x160 space. CBP/BP resize so it fits good in a 48x60 space. Rename to FitKirby0X.pcs with X being what color you want it on. It is currently on Blue kirby/Blue team.

Hope you guys enjoy!

255 April 21st, 2012

Knuckles Texture Pack by SonicWolf, SSJ Is Clueless! with credit to Anonymous with credit to Law_law for the original PSA
[Character - Texture, Import - Pikachu]

Sorry for no permision.
All it is is just recolors.

Me & my friend -SSJ gogeta- made the textures in this pack. They just need renaming! These are for Pikachu! Any Problems PM me or -SSJ gogeta- & we will do our best to fix it if in our folder. Our names are on there so it is simple to figure out even if your a noob. You may use any texture in this pack as long as you give credit to us. Best with a Knuckles moveset.

Hope you enjoy!

45 August 30th, 2016

Suzy McCloud V2 by SonicWolf with credit to Mewtwo2000 for his No Headgear Fox model
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Fox]


YAY! I COMPEATED V2 BEFORE 2012! Wait you say it's already Feburary? & that it's the 9th? You mean I didin't compleat it before 2012? WHHHY!

Ok. Enugh of the idiotic talking & on to saying what is deferent.

1: He is a bit more "furryer" I think is the word.
2: He now actualy has Eyes. (THANK GOD!)
3: His Diamond on his head is better.
4: He has a spot on his butt just like my doggie (well a little lower).
5: His eyes are Amber just like my doggie's eyes (almost).
6: Brawl Box hates him cuz he is so cool.
7: It works perfect!

I can't take pics at the moment cuz my 2GB SD got eaten by Suzy (no not Suzy McCloud my actual dog). So if you want in game pics download & send me pics! >.>

Want recolors? download this hack: http://unotaku.com/kcmm/forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=25831&Moderated=All&facebook=true

Hope you guys enjoy!

27 November 29th, 2011

Endless Posibilities minus the part I dislike by SonicWolf
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

The part I dislike I cut out & it still sounds great! I made it go straight to the gutair solo from about 2:27-about 2:50

HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! & no this is not the real version. It's just my personal version.
(Source: Sonic Unleashed & Me & Crush 40)
33 November 7th, 2011

Numa Numa English by SonicWolf
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

Good Loop Made all by myself in terms of Looping.
There might be a slight silince at the begining for about 4 secs but other than that it's great! Love the song so may put up a pack & delete this.
(Source: O-Zone, masoudm96z, Me)
9 October 14th, 2011

Tearing Up My Heart by SonicWolf
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

Not a great fighting song but good for Background music.

Looped myself will reupload with better loop if I feel like it.

...Never mind the lyrics! insted just download & put it Brawl!
(Source: NSYNC)
32 October 14th, 2011

Hyperion / The Mask by SonicWolf with credit to My dad he made it after all ;D
[Character - Texture - Marth]


I finally got my dad to make a texture hack. (That took forever)

All Credit goes to my dad cuz he made it. I just told him how to make it (meaning just how to use gimp & thats about it) & he did the rest.

I think it is better than any of mine, but hey! least it's great. I'll upload the moveset I made some other time but for now enjoy this!

The only pic is the CSP but so what. I'm lazy.

10 October 1st, 2011

Larger Than Life by SonicWolf
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

Why theres no Backstreet boys songs. I have no clue.

I made this song from my CD of Backstreet Boys Mellinium & it's personally my favorite song EVER! I've had it for a while but just now decided it's time. I hope more people will make more Backstreet Boys (& Nsync if so, cuz I'm working on 1 now) songs as well as me. Look below:

(Source: The Backstreet Boys)
57 September 26th, 2011

Mom's Link version 2 by SonicWolf with credit to Black Boo for the Female Link Model
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

Ok I'm not gonna make another 1 of these cuz it took me forever to figer out how to just colorize cirtin parts. Tho I love how it came out! She has a Dagger not a Sword but it has the same hitboxs as the sword. If sombody knows how to fix this easyly then please PM me how. THANX!
To: Mom: Look Down in the discription!

Small Message to my mom: "Mom, I hope you love how good I'm getting & I hope you love this!"

113 September 10th, 2011

Soapy Feyesh by SonicWolf with credit to mnsg Cuz he help me out with all this. Thanks mnsg!
[Misc - Texture - Subspace Enemy]

My 1st texture for an SSE Enemy. Looks great in game & Check it out in game before you say anything about it. May look stupid & dumb but it looks great in game!
PM Me if the download is not right or anything.
I did'nt know what to call it exectly so I may change the name if I'm allowed to (From "Soapy Feyesh" to somthing else).
Hope you enjoy!

36 March 14th, 2012

Suzy McCloud Version 1 (OLD BETTER & FIXED VERSION OUT NOW!) by SonicWolf
[Character - Texture - Fox]


My Favoriye dog is now in brawl! I made this texture for Fox cuz I just adore my dog & I wanted to do something for her (yes this is my own dog).

This is version 1 so it is not perfect but it's pretty good. The dimond on her head does not want to come out right & the left eye (the 1 that doesent have the headgear on it) is shareing the same texture as her mouth (I'll try to fix these things in version 2) !THIS IS NOT A MODEL SO NOBODY SAY THAT HE'S NOT A GIRL OR ANYTHING IT'S JUST MY DOG THATS A GIRL! Well anyway the preveiw pic is the CSP as always.
I'll put some In-Game Pics soon.


218 September 20th, 2012

Black Bow & Arrow for Final Smash by SonicWolf
[Character - Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Sheik]

!I take no cretit for the texture I used for Sheik. Just the Final Smash ONLY!

I wanted a new Sheik FS but I could not find any in the vault (The Whole Vault!) so I found mine & put it in hoping more people Will make & submit more of there's too. It's Black so if you use it on a Black background it will be harder to dodge (in theroy). & since it's black (ALL OF IT) It's easy-er to Customize in some ways.
PM me any probs & I'll fix them as fast as i can! ;D
K put 3 Preview pics!

Hope you guys enjoy!

412 September 7th, 2011

Dark Twilight Link by SonicWolf with credit to Cursed Portal
[Character - Texture - Link]

Just edited the Twilight Link texture so it is Black With Red insted of Greenish Blue. PM me if the Link (lol you get a "Link" from a link) does not work & I'll fix it as quickly as I can!

I don't go on Wifi with hacks so I never know if it will work or not so any feedback will be great.

Sorry for no in game pics but I'll add some as soon as I can for now the only pic is the CSP.

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