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272 March 9th, 2015

Assault Rifle v1 (Halo 3) by Maydelcore, BraveDragonWolf with credit to BraveDragonWolf for helping me with some bones, and Blaseth for the model.
[Item - Texture, Import - Super Scope]

My first import ever, however, I had some help from BraveDragonWolf.

I took the Assault Rifle model from Blaseth's Spartan models and imported it over the Super Scope.

It works fine in-game, but sadly I had a problem after removing one annoying polygon (the textures got insanely messed up).
This glitch is barely noticed, but there's no freezing.
This happens commonly when using Snake (wierd, but it happens).
Marth can also glitch this rifle (although I was using a Sephiroth model, so I'm not 100% sure).

If somebody wants to help with the texture issue, please send me a PM so we can deal with it.

The first pic shows Tails using the rifle in a battle with Master Chief (not seen there).
The second pic shows the Rifle as it should be.
The third one shows Shadow holding it (notice it isn't glitched).

368 November 6th, 2014

MiddleCorn's Personal BrawlEx pack (Beta 3) by Maydelcore with credit to Phantom Wings and everyone in the Credits.txt file.
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Portrait]

This is amoï with a new version of my pack.

Not much has changed, except for a few bug fixes and whatmore.

More information is found in the .txt files, including credits, glitches, etc.


Center pic is a video. Old video, but you can get the idea.

602 October 6th, 2017

MiddleCorn's Personal BrawlEx pack BETA 2 by Maydelcore, daniel741852 with credit to All the awesome people who made the hacks used in this pack and Phantom Wings for the BrawlEx Clone Engine. Credits in Read Me.
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Misc, Portrait]

--05/10/2017<---LOL exactly 3 years (Alejandro MiddleCorn)--

Broken link should now be fixed. Test it out.

--UPDATE 05/10/2014 (Alejandro MiddleCorn)--

A guy reported because there was no video.
Well, here it is:


Thanks to Ludicium Gaming.

--UPDATE 27/09/2014 (Alejandro MiddleCorn)--

Solo Charizard and Silver the Hedgehog added.
Forgot to credit KingOfChaos in the Read Me.
He is, however, credited in the Updates.txt file.
Special thanks to him for that awesome PSA.
P.S.: No more Pokemon Trainer, Squirtle or Ivysaur.

Still nameless pack.
Used daniel741852's pack as a base.

Credit shown on the Read Me because it is too large.
I forgot to include Phantom Wings in the Read Me, but he is the creator of the BrawlEx clone engine so Special Thanks to him.

Ok, hello You... I mean, KC-MM, this is Alejandro MiddleCorn with my first BrawlEx pack ever.
It is still in Beta, but I'll update it whenever I have time.

Next update will include a small PSA for the Arbiter and a little modifications to Master Chief's animations.

Also, in future updates I plan to make the Announcer SFX with Jack Tarkatan's voice.

If I am missing some credits, PM me DO NOT report.
Any problems, either PM me or report it.

Some errors, glitches, bugs, etc. are already shown on the Read Me.

477 December 28th, 2013

Master Chief SFX (over Snake) by Maydelcore with credit to Bungie and 343 Industries
[SFX - Solid Snake]

EDIT: New Preview.

This is my first SFX hack.
I only replaced some sounds so when I use a Master Chief hack over Snake, it feels more like the Chief.
I replaced all his dialogs except the "Tasty" one.
All other sounds remain the same except the KO's, which are replaced with those of the Chief.

Dialogs from Halo 4 and KO sounds from Halo 3.
Star KO might be low volumed.
(Source: Halo 3/Halo 4)
13 September 10th, 2013

In Amber Clad by Maydelcore with credit to Martin O'Donnel. GameOSTz2 for uploading to Youtube.
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

In Amber Clad theme with perfect loop uploaded here as a BRSTM for Brawl.
I just made the loop and made it BRSTM, the music belongs to Martin O'Donnel.
(Source: Halo 2)
14 August 16th, 2013

SSBB Main Theme Spanish Version by Maydelcore with credit to skyyoshi86
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

This is the Spanish version of the Main Theme.
Spanish is a good language, maybe not the easiest but one of the bests.
The Latin version is good, but also this Spanish version.
Credit goes to the Youtuber skyyoshi86 for singing this song.
I just made it a BRSTM and uploaded it here.

(Source: Traduction to Main Theme.)
162 July 21st, 2013

One Winged Angel FFVII Advent Children by Maydelcore with credit to Square Enix
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

This song does not loop normally and starts over when it reaches the end. However, it is long enough for a 6 minute fight.

This is the One Winged Angel song from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

I found the original version here on the Vault, but then I decided to upload the Advent Children version.

(Source: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)
5 July 21st, 2013

Kameo Elements of Power Danger in the Sky by Maydelcore with credit to Rareware
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

Almost perfect Loop.
Another Kameo music hack I come with.
This time Danger in the Sky, played on the Last level of the game: Thorn's Airship.

I personally use it on Luigi's Mansion, the Bridge of Eldin and on Final Destination, but you can use it wherever you want.

(Source: Kameo Elements of Power)
1004 January 7th, 2014

Espio over Sheik (Wario port) (Re-upload) by Maydelcore with credit to CaliKingz01 for the PSA and Nanobuds for the Espio model
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Wario (Ware)]

EDIT 15/11/2013:
One guy had a problem:
Side B freezes.
It may happen if you spam that move too much.
This often happens with the Sheik version since hacking Sheik is way too glitchy.
Anyways, PM me if this happens to you.
EDIT 15/07/2013:
Added a pack for the Sheik port so people can Install it over Sheik without changing names.
Also included 2 .txt files so you know where to put everything on the right place. Be sure to read them.
Unfortunatelly, Espio over Sheik will have no sounds.

You will need these 2 codes for the Wario version to work:

Wario No Entry Data
00AD8045 00000000

Wario No Result Data
00AD807D 00000000

This is the CaliKingz01 Espio PSA over Sheik ported to Wario.
He made this port a while ago before changing from Sheik to Marth, which ended with a lot of freezing issues.

I conserved this Espio version and now I reupload it so people can use it again.
Also for the ones who could not find it before it was deleted.

The video is from CaliKingz01, and shows how it works.

Works fine for me and worked fine for CaliKingz01, however do not use 4 Espios at a time, or else the game will be really slow and in some stages, such as Pictochat or Flat Zone 2, it will freeze.

Be sure to put the ft_wario.rel on the module folder and use the codes shown above.

If you have another Sheik .rel, it can go over almost anyone, using the right codes. Also over Sheik with no .rel or codes.

If you have a problem, report it and I'll try to see what can I do.
Any doubt, just PM me.

37 July 7th, 2013

Halo Wars Victory Theme by Maydelcore
[Audio - Victory Theme]

Edited the ending part of Status Quo Show from Halo Wars and made it a BRSTM as a Victory theme.

My intention was to use it for Master Chief over Snake, but you can use it over any other such as Arbiter or the Chief over CP, etc.

(Source: Halo Wars)
5 July 7th, 2013

Kameo Elements of Power Battle over the Bridge by Maydelcore
[Audio - Stage/Menu]

As I've never seen any single hack coming from Kameo Elements of Power, I dedided to upload one of my favorite songs from that game:

Battle over the Bridge.

Goes perfectly on the Bridge of Eldin, on some Subspace Emissary places and Battlefield.

I use it on the Bridge of Eldin but you can use it wherever you want it.

(Source: Kameo Elements of Power)
35 July 5th, 2013

Jurassic Park Victory Theme by Maydelcore
[Audio - Victory Theme]

Edited a part of the Jurassic Park theme to make it a Victory Theme.
Use it with whatever you want.
My idea was to give KingJigglypuff's T-Rex and/or Velociraptor PSA's a Victory Theme, but it can be used with whoever you want.

I cut the parts of the theme at 6:04 and 6:28 and put them together to make a good Victory Theme.

(Source: Jurassic Park Main Theme)
129 July 5th, 2013

Final Fantasy Victory Theme by Maydelcore
[Audio - Victory Theme]

I found this theme on Youtube and as I never found it in the Vault, I decided to make it a BRSTM.
It is the Victory Fanfare from the PC version of Final Fantasy VII.

(Source: Final Fantasy VII PC version)
253 November 24th, 2012

Master Chief Recolors by Maydelcore with credit to Nanobuds, ShadowSnake and BlackJax96
[Character - Texture, Import - Solid Snake]

This is Nanobuds' Master Chief model over Snake.
Recolors come in this order:
Red (Sarge)
Greener MC
Blue (Almost like Caboose)
Light Blue

Credit to everybody who did this model. PM me to write your names here.

If you have any problems, just PM me.

177 November 20th, 2012

Arbiter (with Sword) recolors by Maydelcore, ShadowSnake with credit to ShadowSnake and anyone who helped for the model. Red and -Skull Kid- for helping me how to make recolors
[Character - Texture, Import - Ganondorf]

This is my first texture hack and also my first hack ever.
This is ShadowSnake's Arbiter model over Ganondorf, I just made some recolors.
The recolors go in this order:
I cannot take in-game pics, so I decided to take these from BrawlBox (the position of the models in the download is unchanged).
I collaborated with ShadowSnake to make this recolors.
Note: I am new on this and I may not know how to give credit as you want.
Also, if you experience any problems, just send me a PM and I'll try to help you.
Credit to ShadowSnake and anybody else who helped in the model.
Also credit to Red and Skull Kid for helping me how to do these texture recolors.


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    • Usability issues (e.g. doesn't work).
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