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28 April 7th, 2020

Gir (Dog Suit) with Pigs by @pinko_machine, Snoopy, Bass with credit to Bass, Snoopy
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Olimar]

Bass's Gir vertex with Snoopy's pig pikmin

deleted that weird polygon that was clipping through Gir's eyes

104 November 11th, 2019

Pokemon Green- Gengar V2 by Bedrock Mods, Snoopy with credit to Snoopy for the gengar import
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Wario (Classic)]

**UPDATE** New download link and improved texture!

I thought the Pokemon Green gengar sprite looked hilarious so I made a simple texture hack.

Comes with CSP and BP

112 July 14th, 2016

Villager Sonic by E-scope12, Snoopy, Ebola16 with credit to Ebola16, Firelys the soup, Snoopy and The PMDT.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Sonic]

This is Sonic wearing Villagers Clothes. Update 7/12/2016: Fixed materials and Added Brawl Costumes and Project M Costumes. If you make a texture hack with this, add me as a collab. Enjoy.

209 December 2nd, 2015

Pokemon Trainer Ike Alts (Ash and Team Aqua Grunt) by Ebola16, mnsg, _Data_Drain_, Omni Shadow, Snoopy, Gamma Ridley, Nah
[Character - Texture, Import - Ike]

I made two alts for the Pokemon Trainer Ike with Old Rod and Magikarp model.
Original model by: Gravity, _Data_Drain_, Snoopy, Nah
Best Wishes Ash by: Omni Shadow
Team Aqua Grunt by: mnsg

1932 February 14th, 2016

Inklings (Splatoon) V.2 by ProjectXBros, Snoopy with credit to Snoopy
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Fox]

Hey Everyone This Is ProjectEmeraldX Here and this is my first hack and Collaboration with Snoopy and Thanks For Letting Me Make Custom Palettes For The Inklings...

And Remember..

\"Stay Fresh!\"

529 August 14th, 2015

Inklings (Splatoon) by Snoopy
[Character - Import - Fox]

*Disclaimer - has some hitbox issues because bone edits/derpy me*

Staaaaaay Fresh!

1078 March 1st, 2015

Villager (Smash 4) by Snoopy
[Character - Import - Ness]

Smash 4 Villager on Ness. Includes all 8 costumes, labeled by color.

426 February 14th, 2015

Brawl Styled Fierce Deity Link 2 Handed by Mobius, wii, Snoopy with credit to Wii, Snoopy
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Ike]

PSA-Less Fierce Deity Link from Majoras Mask with his signature 2 handed sword!

I saw Snoopy's 2 Handed Link over Ike submission and thought it'd go great with wii's Fierce Deity Link textures. After inserting it into the game, I figured I should ditch the sheath and shield on his back along with his pouches on his belt, and it ended up looking really nice.

Two-Handed Link and Fierce Deity Sword by Snoopy
Fierce Deity Brawl Version textures by Wii
InnerMobius combined and removed shield and unneccessary items.

Comes with CSP and BP.

621 September 16th, 2014

Celebi (Pokemon G/S/C) by Snoopy
[Character - Import - Ness]

Psychic pokemon on a psychic user, makes sense.

In an effort to clean out my 'To Do List', i'm finally posting Celebi done. Has the usual extra stuff, metal, FS eyes, etc.

951 September 15th, 2014

Tortimer Island (Smash 4 / New Leaf) by Snoopy
[Stage - Import - Jungle Japes]

Just can't wait a few more weeks for the full version of Smash 4 to come out? Then enjoy a little of it right now!

Included - a Smashville and Jungle Japes version, and a song to accompany the stage. Smashville version has changing time but no swimmable water, were the Japes version is daytime only but swimmable water.

2405 August 11th, 2014

Villager PSA by Snoopy with credit to listed in the ReadMe file
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Pit]

It only took about a year, but the Final* release of the Villager is here!

*it's more of a .98, i may put more stuff in later.

For those that don't read the ReadMe files, i'll keep this brief. The moveset is a mix of Smash 4, Direct from AC, and a few of my own ideas put together. No, it's not meant to be a full Smash 4 moveset, and i most likely won't do one either.

This is on Pit, but has a BrawlEx version as well. If i knew how to do .rel ports, there'd be one included.

Instructions for where to put everything is in the ReadMe.

1070 April 16th, 2014

Mega Blastoise by xX_TheTerror_Xx, Aafyre, Snoopy, ghost_user47
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Bowser]

We all love Blastoise.

I got the head of the model from Nano/Snoopy/Aafyre's Blastoise and made some edits.

3252 February 2nd, 2020

Project Sacred: Young Link PSA V1 (Hero of Termina) by Kienamaru, KingJigglypuff, Snoopy, OmegaS3, Akeno/Archer, jrush64, SiscoLink with credit to Pik, Project M team, Tormod, Chaserthewolf, Kagemaru, Iwantgames
[Character - Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Toon Link]

Now contains Vbrawl AND Minus PSAs! Minus PSA tweaked a bit. If you use this on Wi-fi, redownload.
Great Bay Redux PM also out now.

I bring you... the second coming of Young Link. The Hero of Termina moveset is inspired by Majora's Mask to be a decloned Young Link moveset to fully replace Toon Link. It isn't a port and therefore there are no serious bugs. (I believe the final's gfx look weird)

Some things new to V1 include

Completely recreated & rebalanced Vbrawl and Minus PSAs
Model Changers on Taunts timing fixed
Attributes Tweaked and Fixed
Lunge Attack removed.
GFX Added to Vbrawl version.
Sword Glow length matched to sword.
Spin Attack Reworked. Given Quick spin

There's much more than just that, but give it a try. I'll get a video of him in action soon.

That second picture shows his swordglow as it was before reducing it to the proper size of his blade on his new Nair.

491 August 16th, 2013

Female Villager (Over Lucas) by Alm, Snoopy
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Lucas]

Some personal recolors I made to replace Lucas with Female Villager. Changed Snoopy's original Villager skin color to a lighter tone as well.

Comes with all colors and CSPs, enjoy!
Can also be size-modded with YRotNWomen Bone!

447 August 22nd, 2013

Pokemon Trainer For Naruto PSA by ThatAintFalco, _Data_Drain_, Snoopy, Nah with credit to Mr. Vile
[Character - Import - Ike]

Due tho cBliss, i had to make more options for the Naruto PSA

Pokemon Trainer With a Floaty Pokeball.
Just got rid of tha rod, string, and magicarp.
has all the fixins..

Thanks for the original owners.
PSA not included.
(wont let me add MR.Vile as a collab. srys)

602 June 16th, 2019

Project Sacred: Hero of Termina Young Link Beta by Kienamaru, KingJigglypuff, Snoopy, OmegaS3, Akeno/Archer, jrush64 with credit to Pik for the original model, Project M Team and Tormod for the original animations which I modified, SonicBrawler for teaching me to animation port & Iwantgames
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Toon Link]

After over almost a year of me trying to find a team of people dedicated enough (1 month spent on the spin attack) I bring you... The second coming of Young Link.
Vbrawl and Minus PSAs, custom Motion, CSPs, multiple CSS Icons, BPs, and two sets of recolors.

Young Link is agile but not very powerful aside of his smash attacks. His attacks are a blend of acrobatics and sword fighting which makes him a fairly close ranged fighter.

He has unique specials suited to a wide variety of uses such as Magical Arrows and his Empowered Spin Attack.
He's rigged over Toon Link so this isn't a port, it's a true replacement with a unique moveset. Nearly every animation has been changed and his PSA altered to match. He has his own voice, articles, and everything so that there are no bugs.

Along with Young Link we've decided to release the level featured in the video as well, giving him access to a remastered version of the stage he had in Melee.
Get that here. http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=33457&Moderated=All&facebook=true

I am aware that the bottle is not in his taunt. I have the model but it wasn't priority for the beta release. This will be updated often as we add more things to it. After reaching a large enough amount of content we will release a V1.

There is a Credit and Collab list inside of the download detailing the reasons behind them all.

Note from Kien- So many thanks to Jrush for rigging this model for me when no one else would, my dream as a hacker has been realized now that I've brought back my favorite character... but I'm not stopping here. Sacred is going to keep going strong.

2471 July 23rd, 2013

Genesect (Pokemon BW) by Aafyre, Snoopy
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Samus]

Just in time for that silly new movie where they turned Mewtwo into a female... It's Genesect!

Regular and Shiny versions included, as well as CSPs and battle portraits for both.

Aafyre: Model, texture
Snoopy: Rig, skeleton stuff, everything else

288 July 19th, 2013

Crusader Blade Pit (Kid Icarus: Uprising) by Snoopy
[Character - Import - Marth]

More Uprising stuff. yay.

This time, Pit is equipped with the Crusader Blade. I put him on Marth so that he actually uses the Blade, because swapping a Blade for a Bow would be silly.

Has the standard stuff, metal, expressions, etc. Has bone edits, because Pit has giant hands.

332 July 11th, 2013

Crystal Bow Pit (Kid Icarus: Uprising) by Snoopy
[Character - Import - Pit]

About time Pit gets some of his Uprising gear.

Simple swap of Pit's bow for the Crystal Bow from Uprising. I made the model quite some time ago, but just never actually put it in game. So now i did.

Everything should be the way it was before, and should work on wifi. Also, the bow has a shine, just because.

I also made 6 other weapons from Uprising at the same time, so expect them eventually.

866 October 10th, 2014

[SSB WII U] Villager by MBHC, Snoopy
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ness]

More Characters: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=52207.0

Like : https://www.facebook.com/pages/MemeBrawl-Hack-Corp/198930686884592?ref=hl

MBHC = ( meme brawl hack corp.)

1031 August 16th, 2013

Villager (Animal Crossing) by Snoopy
[Character - Import - Ness]

Edit the Third: fixed stuff for the Lucas port, and included a Female Villager Lucas port, as per request.

Edit2: fixed a few minor things i should have seen before. also now includes a Female Villager, because i spent a bit too much time on her to just be an alt for the VIllager PSA i'm making.

Edit: as per request, it now includes a version over Lucas. So re-download if you want that.

So with the inclusion of the Villager in the next Smash Bros, i finally decided to update my old import. Full custom model this time, and a much better rig.

Has the usual, including blinking. If you want the soulless stare always there, just replace the textures yourself, i'm not giving in to the creepy Villager meme.

Also has 2 versions, one with a size mod and one without. the size mod has bone edits, the other one doesn't, so the full size one will work on wifi.

I still want to call him the Animal Crosser..... sounds a lot cooler than Villager...

834 June 5th, 2013

Ridley/Meta Ridley Recolor Pack (cBliss) by Mochtroid127, Snoopy, R̢i҉̴̛͜d̷̕҉̴l̨̧͠͡e͘͜͠y̴̶͡͠͞ with credit to snoopy, BaganSmashBros
[Character - Texture - Charizard]

Want to replace Charizard with your favorite Metroid villain? Do you now need recolors for cBliss? If your answer is yes, this pack is for you.

Since there weren't originally any recolors and now that it's possible to use 10 costumes with ASF1nk's cBliss, I've recolored snoopy's imports of Ridley and Meta Ridley to look like his appearances in every Metroid game he's been in.

BaganSmashBros recolored the original Ridley into Other M Ridley, I just removed the fire from his tail since it's not on any of the other textures.

Costumes are as follows:
00 - Purple/Normal
01 - Red/Super Metroid Artwork
02 - Green
03 - Blue/Ridley X
04 - Zero Mission
05 - Mecha Ridley colors
06 - Meta Ridley
07 - Meta Ridley (Prime 3)
08 - Omega Ridley
09 - Other M

CSPs, multiple Icons, and CSS Names are included.

645 May 23rd, 2013

Hitmontop (Pokemon G/S/C) by Snoopy
[Character - Import - Mario]

How he's not permanently confused from all the spinning on his head he does is beyond me.

So I had a random idea to try Hitmontop, but to actually make him stand on his head. And it actually turned out a lot better than i expected.

2 versions are included, an UpsideDown where he stands on his head, and one where he doesn't. the UpsideDown has bone edits, while the other one has none. Also, the UpsideDown one really only stands on his head for a few animations, the bone edits simply turn him upside down. You'll just have to try it to see how well it works for you, hence the inclusion of a normal Hitmontop.

Also has the usual, including a Hurt face.

331 May 20th, 2013

Ridley M:OM texture by R̢i҉̴̛͜d̷̕҉̴l̨̧͠͡e͘͜͠y̴̶͡͠͞, Snoopy with credit to Snoopy for original hack
[Character - Texture - Charizard]

Quality - medium.
Game - Metroid Other M.
Wasn`t hard. Wings are a bit damaged. Can be used with Ridley PSA.

669 May 19th, 2013

Meloetta (Pokemon B/W) by Snoopy
[Character - Import - Zelda]

So I was in a Pokemon mood, and this is what came of it. Yay for hand making models.

The zip has both forms as a Zelda/Shiek combo. Also includes 2 size variations, Small and Medium. you can see the Small comparison in the 3rd pic, with Medium being a bit bigger. Also also has the standard Material stuff, but since Sheik lacks expressions of any kind, the Alt form has none. Also also also has bone edits, but only on Original form for the hair.

This is probably the only way I'd ever be able to get a Meloetta...

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