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Title: [Video] Basic Tutorial : How to make stages from blocks
Post by: POKE MASTER on August 31, 2012, 12:14:15 PM
Hello! POKEMASTER here......again.....This is another tutorial that explains how to make custom stages.
I would suggest you get familiar with brawlbox (Or atleast have a basic understanding) before you watch this tutorial because it doesn't explain how to do EVERYTHING from scratch.
Any questions/suggestions? Leave them down there

This tutorial explains:
-How to organize texutures when making a custom stage
-How to make a floor from blocks
-How to keep your textures looking good
-How to make a wall from blocks
-How to stack blocks
-Getting familiar with the distanace from one block to another.

BrawlBox tutorial: How to Make custom Stages (

Note:Turn up your volume

Custom stage preview (