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Title: djDarkX's Music Collection
Post by: djdarkx on September 23, 2012, 12:53:55 PM
Hello everyone!  I'm very new to the site and to Brawl hacking in general (literally just started last night lol), but I've been re-arranging music for a few years now.  Started small and went on to make better music.

Right, small back story out of the way.  So, I figured I'd make my very first post on here about my music collection that I've been working on since 1999 (when I was using tracking software) and show you the good stuff I have.  Now, all but one are not BRSTM and uploaded yet as I don't really know what I want to add (except maybe the Mario and Zelda stuff), so I figured I'd let you all decide.

I'm not going to claim to be awesome or great or ANYTHING like that.  To be honest, I just love to do this kinda stuff and my collection is small due to the act that I don't always make music and I don't always release everything I make because some of it sucks monkey balls.  :laugh:

Still, only one piece I uploaded last night and is waiting approval.  It's my latest piece from Super Mario RPG.  Bowser's Castle (Second Time) by Yoko Shimomura, a remix of Bowser's Battle Theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.  I made an "remastered" version of it and it's available via BrawlVault: Bowser's Castle (Super Mario RPG Remastered) (

Anyway, the rest of the collection is hosted on my own personal web server with youtube videos of the original source music (or uploaded original source music) and the re-arrangements I make.  Check them out: (

Just as a note, I'm sorry, but I don't do requests or collaborations.  If I make music without feeling the motivation to make or finish it, it will come out like complete crap and I like my work to be of the highest quality that I can put out.  That's another reason my collection is so small. lol

However, when I come out with something new, I'll be sure to update this and post.  if enough people like any of the music, I'll make BRSTM versions so they can be used in your hacks.

By the way, all the music I have on my site that has my name on it is really made completely by me.  I've done some MIDI renders, but none of that made it to my site since I'd rather show the stuff I re-arranged, note for note, myself.

Thanks for checking out my music!  ;)