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Title: Endgame: BRSTM Soundtrack
Post by: -TheLethalAlphX- on November 27, 2013, 12:30:41 PM
I've been working on a "BRSTM Soundtrack" and uploading the music to youtube and the brstm's to mediafire. I am going to be updating new songs every couple days, songs I've found on youtube and other various sites, and songs my friends have been pointing me towards over the past year or two.

The reason why I am making this soundtrack is simple. Most people just take music and put it on a stage, with little idea of if it fits the stage or not. As such, I am uploading this stuff so people can experience new and fresh stuff. (of course, those extra youtube views cannot hurt).

My only request is simple. I don't own this music, so please support the original creators. I could care less about anything else, I don't deserve any credit, the only thing I did was loop some of this music.

Anyways, I only have four songs uploaded at the moment. I am going to upload more in the future.

Crisis in the North [MENU] (

ElectricNavi First Steps [SMASHVILLE, preferably] (

Blinded by Light Arrangement [Battlefield] (

Vendetta: Spring [MENU] (

I know the stuff I uploaded isn't the best so far, it's only going to get better over time, I promise. Everything is looped, the dl's are included in each's description, etc. Enjoy.