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Title: General Hacking Ground Rules
Post by: Miacis on April 13, 2014, 07:13:07 AM
Hello there. Following the small clean-up we did of this section of the forums and the creation of a new sub-forum, we figured it'd be best to make a thread for new people who do not know where their threads belong in an effort to keep the place tidy. Because it is evident that there has been confusion in the past.


General Hacking:

This section is the hub and main course of this section. Are allowed in here:
- Game-wide projects that show significant progress, with at least one public release.
- Personal hacking threads that do not belong into any other section because of uniqueness and/or equal activity in all hacking forms.
- General discussion threads related to hacking that don't belong in any other specific section.

Are absolutely not allowed in here:
- Threads asking for help. Use either the Help board ( for questions on how to use hacks, or for various miscelleanous things. For questions about the creation of specific hack types, use the help subsections (Texture Help, Model Help, A/A Help, etc)
- Request threads. If you have an awesome idea/model and really want someone else to turn it into a hack, post in the appropriate request section, not here.

Hacking Tourneys:

This section hosts all the hacking tourneys, wherein hackers compete in creativity and quality to produce the best hacks on specific themes. If you are creating a tourney, you can ask for an award to be created and given to the winner(s).

Project Concepts:

This section is for the discussion and refining of ideas, projects that are still mostly in the planning phases, game design discussions, etc. Essentially a place for new hack authors/teams to showcase their work and get feedback/criticism in the early stages of development.

If you have a project thread in this section and you feel you've made significant progress, simply report its Opening Post, stating your wish to see it moved to the general section. You'll want:

1. A significant showcase and progress report AND
2. A public release of some of that progress


And now for the one big new rule, which applies to all threads in this board, including the sub-sections.

Project/Team threads are to be used exclusively for the showcasing and feedback of your productions. Under absolutely no circumstances can those threads be used as a development chatroom.

If a team in charge of a project needs to discuss development details or strategies, they will have to do so either by Personal Messages, or by creating a chatroom in their favorite Instant Messenger. We recommend Skype or an IRC client.

In short, these project threads will have to be maintained the same way the Project M thread is: as a discussion between the team and community. Not as a discussion between team members.

If a thread was found to be little more than a chatroom, you will most likely find it inside the Recycle Bin. The thread's author will receive a PM, and will be free to repost a clean new thread in the appropriate section. He and he only will be able to recover any valuable posts found on the deleted thread.

Title: Re: General Hacking Ground Rules
Post by: Miacis on April 13, 2014, 07:21:34 AM
Kind of a sidenote, but you'll notice that we've done a bit of cleaning today, and moved all topics to the appropriate section if their last reply was in 2014.
If you don't see your thread in the main portion of General Hacking anymore, it's been moved to Project Concepts. If it isn't there either, then it's been sent to the Recycle Bin and the author will receive a PM shortly.

If after you've read the new rules carefully, there still seems to be a mistake, feel free to take it in the Moderation Corner and we'll see what we can do.