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Title: Which computer would be better for dolphin? Also other questions.
Post by: Dragoon Fighter on May 14, 2014, 11:03:41 AM
Alright I recently got a second laptop, I was going to use one for pc gaming and the other one for dolphin and project m. So I have several questions relating to them, but the first question is which one would be more ideal for running dolphin.

Computer 1: Asus
1.9ghz quad core
8GB of RAM
amd processor (forget the exact name, but equivalent to an i5)
x64 bit
Windows 7

Computer 2: Dell
2.4 ghz duo core
4GB of RAM
Intell i5 processor
x64 bit
Windows vista

The second question is does dolphin run better on steam OS than it does windows? The reason I ask is I was going to keep my gaming computer on windows, but possibly convert the other one to a steam machine, so if I wanted to in addition to running dolphin I could stream my steam games when ever that feature goes public. That being said I will not convert the any of the computer's OS if it runs a risk of a performance drop from dolphin, as I feel the need to try and get a constant 60fps if possible.