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Title: SHP0 tutorial
Post by: Malfioz on August 06, 2014, 06:21:20 AM
How to make SHP0 animations.

Part 1 - Morph faces
If you're importing models, then you're probably lucky enough to have some already made face models. If so go to part 2.
Open 3DS Max and duplicate your character's face model.
Edit the vertices till you get a facial expression.

You can set them up like in the picture below to keep it better organized.

Part 2 - Setting up Morpher
Select your default face model, click the Modifier List and select Morpher.(

Click on Load Multiple Targets ... in the Channel List.
You should see a list of selectable models if they can be used for your model. (

Select them and click Load.
You can set the morpher’s value up from 100 to 0.

Remember to save your 3DS Max file!

You can move the Morpher modifier under the Skin modifier and select Collapse To to not make it collapse the Skin modifier. This can also be used to UVW-Mapping, which saves time on having not to rerig your model.

It's not recommended to save your 3DS Max file after this point or else you're stuck with a model with a frozen facial expression and no other face models!
Right click the Morpher and click Collapse To. Delete the other face model(s) and export the file to brawlbox.
Load the file from before the Collapse To part. Rinse and repeat exporting facial expressions till you have enough facial vertices.

Part 3 - Importing the vertices in Brawlbox
Import your model in Brawlbox, but make sure ForceFloatVertices is True, or else it won't work in game and will most likely explode.

Go to your imported model's Vertices folder and export the facial vertices file(s). (

Go to your main model and import the vertex file(s).

Save your file, and reload the file afterwards, or else Brawlbox will get an error while trying to animate a SHP0 file.

Part 4 - Creating and setting up the SHP0 animation
Go to your animation file and create a Vertex Morph.

Set the names like the template in the image below.
Midna_face is the default vertices you started with or the main model and Midna_smile_big_face is the one you just imported.
Right click the Midna_Smile_Big_Face and click View Interpolation.

Set the values from 100 to 0 in your animation and change the Tangent's value to 0.
( -> (

Or else the vertices will explode!
( -> (

I hope this tutorial helped you!
Feel free to post or message me if you need help!

Title: Re: SHP0 tutorial
Post by: pikazz on August 06, 2014, 06:53:21 AM
does it work is I example use a original Brawlmodel, export it to 3DS Max, do your step but import the vertex into the original brawlmodel in brawlbox?

Title: Re: SHP0 tutorial
Post by: Malfioz on August 06, 2014, 07:13:19 AM
does it work is I example use a original Brawlmodel, export it to 3DS Max, do your step but import the vertex into the original brawlmodel in brawlbox?

It should do it, but I can try and see if it works or if something similar would work.

Edit: The brawl model explodes when I try that, because of the imported vertices differences compared to the brawl vertices or perhaps the object can cause it. I can try and replace the object and see how that goes.

Edit2: Okay, I managed to somewhat make it possible to make a custom shp0 animation on a original brawl model, but it requires object importing.

It even works in game, but it's still very weird, because I still get this...

Which is some of Ike's neck vertices "exploding"...

I think it's caused because SHP0 can't handle the Skin modifier with two bones connected (NeckN + HeadN). The three vertices are used by the NeckN bone.

So to answer the question ...
You'll have to either export the original brawl model whole from 3DS Max and replace all the materials, shaders etc. or be prepared to go through lots messy object editing or you'll have to edit the vertex in Brawlbox itself. Unless someone knows how to export the vertices to match the original's model.

Title: Re: SHP0 tutorial
Post by: Ricky (Br3) on September 09, 2014, 07:25:30 AM
I want to see updates on this! Smoother character expressions is something that Brawl really needs!

Title: Re: SHP0 tutorial
Post by: Malfioz on September 11, 2014, 08:58:56 AM
I completely agree and SHP0 not only makes animations smoother, but uses less file size than VIS0 by not using objects and bones.
I tried to compare my Midna model optimized for SHP0 and another for VIS0. The SHP0 one only uses 590 kb in file size, while the VIS0 one uses 996 kb in file size, which can be a big help when making custom characters.