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Title: Stage Selection fails to Load
Post by: Notshane on October 06, 2014, 01:52:48 PM
So I am trying to replace Flat Zone 2 with Outer Wall from Cave Story, but the mod I'm using has two pages worth of stages. When replacing any stage on Page 1 of the selection menu, it goes over just fine and no problems happen.

However, Flat Zone 2 is on Page 2 of the selection, and I cannot figure out why but whenever I try to replace it in a similar fashion to the other stages, it freezes the stage selection screen (after I press start at character selection) and so I do not know why it does this. Is there a more complicated method for replacing stages on the second page of the stage selection screen? I know it's not the stage itself, because I have tried this with other stages on Page 2 and it does the same thing, well again on Page 1 any time I replace a stage it has no problem loading it's icons, or the stage itself. But here I can't even get to the STAGE MENU before it freezes, it's weird.

Am I doing something wrong with the stage name, (STGGW.pac is the Flat Zone 2 stage, right?) or is it because it is on Page 2? I am aware it isn't anything else causing this freeze, because as soon as I remove STGGW.pac from the pf/stages/melee folder, it appears to load fine again without fault. Here is the stage at hand (Outer Wall.) (

It is the Outer Wall stage. The dude informed me that this stage would work best over Flat Zone 2, so I put it over it as the reason. To clarify, it doesn't freeze when I select the stage, or go to Page 2 of the menu, but it freezes right after I press "Ready to Fight" (or start) on the character selection screen and makes a really obnoxious "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" sound. Is the stage broken, or do I have to port it over to Page 1 instead? Also, a list of stage names would help my situation too so I don't use the wrong stage name, should this occur again and if that is the problem. If it is something else, then I really need to know what it is.