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Title: Project M Ultimate Funny Edition
Post by: ThePoisonMirage on March 10, 2015, 06:32:58 PM
Project M Ultimate Funny Edition

Hello All And Welcome to Project M Ultimate Funny Edition,Where I or (we) Can make a hack of the funniest hacks on the Brawl Vault,Not much is gonna be said yet but i plan on making this a hack for people who want to laugh.

I am taking suggestions on what hacks to put in,i will most obviously put anything in you want that is funny in someway or another,Just reply to this post with your suggestion.

Being a Co-Creator for this Hack-
If you would like to become a co-creator for this hack because lets be honest,i don't wanna do everything by myself just pm me with why your wanting to become the co-creator and I'll let you join me in making this hack,I can allow up to 5 Co-Creators so Please join if your interested.

Don't Know What To Do?
Stay tuned on what this fabulous piece of game and art will become.

Wanna make Hacks or have a hack currently in the Brawl Vault specifically for this hack pack?
Go right ahead just send me a pm on what you want me to put in their and i will gladly do so.

Ill be Making a Hackless and Homebrew version of this hack so people that don't wanna hack their Wii can play and have fun as well.