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Title: Smash Wii U Model + Texture Ripping Guide
Post by: KingJigglypuff on June 29, 2015, 01:46:30 PM
Wondering how to get the models and textures from Smash Wii U? Well this tutorial will show you the basics.

Note: This tutorial will only cover the basics on how to import the Wii U models and textures to be view-able in BrawlBox. This tutorial will not show how to bake the normal maps over the material maps nor show you how to get your import working in-game, as both require extensive editing. There is however an existing tutorial on how to bake the normal maps over the material maps. (

Credits: RandomTalkingBush. Without him, we wouldn't even be able to have the Wii U models and textures at our disposal.

-Smash Wii U model file (.nud file) + texture file (.nut file). All the characters, stages, and DLC can be found here (
-Noesis. ( Use the first mirror, as the second mirror is dead.
-QuickBMS. (
-RTB's QuickBMS script (Right click then save as). (
-TexConv2. (
-Autodesk 3DS Max. ( I use 2014, but you can use other versions.
-RTB's 3DS Max script. ( There will be two version of the script. The second version of the script is used with 3DS Max versions 2012 or later. Use the first script for versions of 3DS Max that are 2011 or older.
-A version of BrawlBox that supports .dae importing (At least v0.71 ( is recommended. Or v0.76 ( to look at how your import will look in-game).

If you already have the programs and scripts listed above, then continue reading.

Extracting and Converting the Textures.
1.) Launch QuickBMS, open the script with it, then select your model.nut.
2.) Extract the .gtx textures into the Convert folder in the same directory you choose to extract TexConv2 to.
3.) In your TexConv2 folder, run convertGTX.bat. The .dds textures will be in the OutDDS folder. Move the .dds files to the same directory you have your model.nud in. You can then delete the .dds files that are in the OutDDS_( folder and the .gtx files that you placed in the Convert folder.
4.) Launch Noesis and find the directory you placed your .dds textures in and convert them all into .png by right clicking on the file in Noesis' interface and clicking on Convert. Select .png from the dropdown menu before clicking Export. There is unfortunately no quick way to do this, so you'll have to convert each texture one by one. You may close Noesis after you've finished converting the textures.

Importing the Model into 3DS Max.
1.) Launch 3DS Max and wait for it to open.
2.) Under the MAXScript pannel, click on Run Script and find the 3DS Max script you extracted. You can choose to enable Multiply Vertex Colors, though I was told you should have this enabled. Don't enable the PNG instead of DDS option, unless you decided to rename your png textures to match the name of the dds textures back during the Noesis step.
3.) Click on Import Model and find your character's model.nut file. Then wait as the model imports. It may take some time, based on how powerful your computer is.
4.) Your character should now be in the 3DS Max scene with all textures applied (aside from Normal maps and Alpha maps). The character will be on their back, but do not edit anything. Optional: Press "7" to view how many polys the character's model has.
5.) Feel free to save your Scene.

Exporting the Model from 3DS Max.
1.) Select all the character's bones. You can easily do this by pressing "h", making sure only Bones are shown, and pressing Ctrl + A.
2.) Go to the Tools panel and click on Rename Objects. Disable the Base Name option before enabling the Remove First X Digits option. Set the Remove First X Digits option to 6 before clicking on Rename.
3.) Click on the button in the upper left hand corner of the program before clicking on Export.
4.) Find the directory you want to save your .dae in. Give a name to your model and change the file type to .DAE in the bottom dropdown bar. Click on Save.
5.) In the FBX Export window, make sure the following options are enabled.
-Convert Deforming Dummies to Bones.
-Preserve Edge Orientation.
-Single Matrix.
Make sure the following options are disabled.
-Split per-vertex Normals. 3DS Max has this disabled by default, so I left this disabled.
-Remove Single Key.
-CAT Characters as HIK.
6.) Under the Units section, make sure the Scale Factor is 1. If it's not 1, then disable Automatic and edit the "Scene units converted to" dropdown menu until the Scale Factor is 1.
7.) Under the Axis Conversion section, make sure the Up Axis is set to Z-Up.
8.) Click Ok and wait as the model is saved.

Importing into BrawlBox.
1.) Open BrawlBox and make a new brres.
2.) Import the png textures as you normally would. Make sure their names match their respective .dds textures.
3.) Import your exported .dae. Make sure the Model Type is set to Character and Colors are set to True. Also make sure the Tristripper is enabled. Wait for the model to import. If you get any errors, then make sure you did all the previous steps right.
4.) Save.

Note: This will not work in-game. This is only for BrawlBox viewing purposes. But you may toy around with materials and shaders with v0.76 for if you were to edit the model or skeleton to work in-game.

Note 2: With most of the characters, their left arm bones will be rotated. To fix this, export the model from BrawlBox, import into 3DS Max, then export again (in this instance, make sure the Up Axis is set to Y-Up). But take note that the character's normals will break when doing this, as BrawlBox preserves the normals upon export, but 3DS Max doesn't read it.

Title: Re: Smash Wii U Model + Texture Ripping Guide
Post by: NintroPower on July 20, 2015, 07:47:03 AM
My eyes have been glued to this tutorial but I haven't commented on this greatness yet! Good work! I didn't even know about the "baked" textures.

Title: Re: Smash Wii U Model + Texture Ripping Guide
Post by: Bush on August 17, 2015, 09:26:55 PM
Will be keeping an eye on this..

Great info KJP :af:

Title: Re: Smash Wii U Model + Texture Ripping Guide
Post by: KingJigglypuff on August 18, 2015, 06:39:51 AM
I forgot to mention that you should probably stay away from using 3DS Max 2015 for the meantime, as I've heard people saying it has problems with RTB's script.

Title: Re: Smash Wii U Model + Texture Ripping Guide
Post by: masamune on December 20, 2015, 04:31:01 PM
Somehow, I can't import Palutena into BB (0.71) with her bones.
Did you have that issue, too?

Title: Re: Smash Wii U Model + Texture Ripping Guide
Post by: KingJigglypuff on December 20, 2015, 04:48:18 PM
Did you make sure to follow Step 2 during the "Exporting the Model from 3DS Max." part? As bones will not import or have issues if they have spaces in their names.

Title: Re: Smash Wii U Model + Texture Ripping Guide
Post by: masamune on December 20, 2015, 06:21:29 PM
I...skipped part 2...thank you, btw...