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Title: Making textures look the same on Dolphin and real Wiis (Power of Two rule)
Post by: Ebola16 on January 09, 2016, 03:40:09 PM
This has probably been mentioned elsewhere but it should be emphasized by having its own topic.

Textures designed for real Wiis should follow the Power of Two rule for proper display. Dolphin and Brawlbox are able to correct for violations of this rule so textures may properly display in those programs but not on the real Wii. (
The above link gives an adequate explanation of the Power of Two Rule. A quick summary from the link:
"In short [the Power of Two rule is] a set of simple criteria ensuring 2D image assets conform to regulated sizes and dimensions, which typically manifest as; 1) width/height being divisible by "8", and/or 2) width/height that can be doubled-up or divided-down by "2". In other words any image that is "8", "16", "32", "64", "128", "256", "512", "1024", "2048" (or higher for more modern games) pixels in one or more width/height direction, is considered valid and properly optimised for quick loading into a game and processing into memory. These two simple points in practice means texture assets being "64 x 64", "128 x 64", "2048 x 512" and so on."

Most violations of the rule can be corrected by simply resizing the texture to conform with the Power of Two rule. If not, the uv map will need to be manually edited after resizing.

Texturing isn't my field of expertise so feel free to add on / correct me!

Happy texturing!