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Title: [Announcement/Tip] Use Tinyurl when linking to the OpenSA Wiki
Post by: KingJigglypuff on July 17, 2016, 12:14:24 PM
You may have noticed me linking people to tinyurl links when linking to a page on the OpenSA Wiki.

This is due to a conflict between the host of the OpenSA Wiki and a few KC-MM members that happened a few years ago, which resulted in the host to re-direct links posted in KC-MM to a different website before re-directing to the actual page itself.

To show you what I mean, here's the raw url to the OpenSA Main Page: (
Notice how "" has been added to the url. is apparently a proxy website, but there have been reports of it containing browser high-jacking malware.

To bypass this, copy + paste the original url, and make it a tinyurl with TinyURL. (

After you made your Tiny URL, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into your message.

Here's an example with the main page: (
This will directly link you to the OpenSA Main Page without redirecting though (

When you get to the Main Page, I would highly recommend you Bookmark both the page and (