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Title: [Tutorial] Setting up mods for smash 4 wii u and using Sm4shExplorer
Post by: kalomaze on September 19, 2016, 09:01:02 PM
Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section, or in the wrong way. I've just started here!  :laugh:
Welcome, brawl modders/new modders. Wanna mod smash 4? Well, here's something to help.

What you need:
- A windows machine.
- A SD card at least 2 GB.
- A wii u and super smash brothers for wii u.
- Internet access
- A slot on your PC for SD cards, OR, a USB SD reader/writer.
- NOTE: Actual USB's cannot be used for mods yet. Sorry mate.

Now, you'll need the DDD title dumper by Dimok. (

Take this and extract it anywhere you like on your computer.
Open the extracted folder and Shift click inside of file explorer.
Press Open command window here.
Then, you want to type titledumper.exe /vol "
Now, create a folder inside of the titledumper folder called Smash
Open this new folder up.


Right click on the "Smash" folder and hit copy address
inside of the window we opened with titledumper.exe /vol " in it:
copy paste the address there
for example:
titledumper.exe /vol "C:\Users\Andrew\Desktop\Stash\DDD Dumper\Smash
now do another " at the end of it

It should now look similar to this in the result:

titledumper.exe /vol "C:\Users\Andrew\Desktop\Stash\DDD Dumper\Smash"
Now hit enter, and make sure skype isn't running before you do so.

It should now say "waiting for wii u connection" or something like that.

Next step is to download this and extract this: (

Extract it to the root of your SD card, and it should be something like this:
I:wiiulah blah more folders and stuffetc etc

Once you are done with that, since its a very long waiting time, PLEASE MAKES SURE AUTO POWER OFF IS DISABLED IN YOUR WII U OPTIONS. When that is done, navigate to the internet browser. Type in a site named with the gamepad.

At this site, there should be a submit button. Make sure your SD card is in. Tap the submit button and make sure it reads "Homebrew Launcher" to the side of the submit button. Wait a bit, and it should greet you to a screen looking
oddly familiar to a certain wii application. Press the DDD button and hit load. Use the D-pad on your gamepad to adjust the ipv4 to yours. (You can find this by going in CMD and typing ipconfig, and scrolling down to ipv4 address.)
For example, this is mine. Yours may be different, so go check and adjust the ipv4 to match yours.

Hit X on the gamepad, and now make sure the window we opened earlier is still waiting for the wii u connection.
If all looks good, launch smash. The game will now dump. This is a very long process, usually 3 - 5 hours depending
on connection speed. I did mine overnight. Wait and do something else for quite a long time, until the game launches finally, which will take a while.

Now we will be using a tool called "Sm4shExplorer." Your goto tool for installing and using mods! :) (

Download this and extract it where you like. Run Sm4shFileExplorer.exe inside of there. It should ask you to locate
where your dump is. Goto your Smash folder and select the vol folder inside of it, and hit create/select/use, whatever
it is. Choose your reigon (It's USA by default) and the latest version of the game is 288 (1.1.6)
Hit create, and sm4shexplorer should be ready for installing mods.
Based on what reigon you are in, you have to create a folder on the root of your SD card.

X:\0005000010144F00 (if in US)
X:\0005000010145000  (if in EU/PAL)
X:\0005000010110E00 (if in japan)

You are now done setting it up!

If you guys don't understand how to install skins, I made a tutorial for that.
Hope you like this tut and hope it helped, if you need any help, just ask. Bye!

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I'm probably going to be making a rigging tutorial soon, so stay tuned for that. I wont be covering the actual rigging part (weights and etc) but how to get the model connected to them bones and ready for rigging. I'll link a video tutorial that explains it in full depth at the end of that one.

Title: Re: [Tutorial] Setting up mods for smash 4 wii u and using Sm4shExplorer
Post by: Winkler on October 09, 2018, 02:38:23 AM
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