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Title: Windhunter's Tutorials: Tutorial Ideas Needed
Post by: windhunter7 on January 13, 2017, 11:59:41 AM
This thread's purpose is to get input from you guys on what tutorials I should make next. Any comments, if it's something that I know how to do, I will put in the poll, and it'll be a constant poll, that will change constantly, every time I complete making a tutorial. I will also post when I complete a tutorial and that I'll remove said tutorial from the poll, as it's complete. For a complete list of all my tutorials, they're available here: (

Currently, I'm working on my Importing Models to Brawl with Blender tutorial, and because of school, I won't be able to finish it until (most likely I won't be able to, anyway) summer. So, until then, I need input on what I should make after that tutorial.

So, I need ideas! What kind of tutorials do you guys want next? :)