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Title: A Lucas mini PSA request.
Post by: smash unleashed on April 01, 2017, 11:05:12 PM
Lucas should have a new alts based off of Clous, His Masked Man costume (minus the gun arm and wings), and his unmasked costume.

His moves would be based primarily off his actual PK/PSI abilities

v.Smash - PK Ground: Lucas points his hand at the ground before generating a shockwave directly infront of himself that buries opponents caught in it. It deals 8% damage and has a 2ft radius.

N.B 1- PK Love: Lucas charges up his PSI energy before unleashing a mid ranged explosive blast. It deals upto 32% damage. And its trajectory can be aimed, it travels upto 5ft with a charge time of 3 seconds.

^.B PK Thunder B: Lucas skips shooting a ball of thunder and goes straight into an aimed flying thunder attack. It deals 3% less damage then a normal PK Thunder, but is much easier to recover with.

>.B  PK Fire A: Lucas fires explosive dart like fire burst. They deal only 5% damage, but can be used upto 3 times in quick succession.

Final Smash: The Seventh Needle!-
The Lucas is surrounded by light energy. (1/5 of FD's size) Everyone caught in it goes to a cutscene where he stands before the Final Needle once he pulls it out it creates a massive blast of energy that will damage and send all caught opponents flying. Deals 50% damage.