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Title: [Intermediate] Adding Stock Faces to your vBrawl build
Post by: Ricky (Br3) ♥ on October 19, 2017, 08:38:01 PM
I decided to write this tutorial since I know I will forget how this is done as soon as I finish. Might as well write it down so people don't have to learn it on their own.

You know how P:M has stock faces instead of the usual icon?
This is how you do it to your own vBrawl build.

1- Add the codes to your GCT

There are two necessary codes for this:

Individual Stock Icons (info.pac) V2.4 ASV [ds22, wiiztec]
C20E2168 0000002C
818100E8 3D609018
896BF37F 2C0B0002
4082007C 392000A5
3D408058 614A8000
897F0002 1D6B00A0
7D4A5A14 896A009E
80BF0020 2C050006
41810020 2C050000
40820030 3CA08128
60A5AE64 80A50000
2C050006 4081001C
7D8A58AE 2C0C00CC
4082000C 39600003
48000008 396B0003
7D8A58AE 2C0C00CC
40820014 2C0B0000
4182000C 39600000
4BFFFFE8 3FA08045
38C0003D 3BBD56D8
38E00000 7CC903A6
88DD0002 7C0C3000
4182001C 88DD0003
7C0C3000 41820010
3BBD0010 38E70001
4200FFE0 2C07003D
4082000C 3FA08045
3BBD56D8 899D0000
2C0C0042 40A20008
39800025 88C100ED
2C0900A5 4082002C
7CCA582E 54C6801E
54C6463E 396B0003
996A009E 2C1B0004
40820010 892A009C
39290003 992A009E
1D8C000A 7D8C3214
38EC0001 2C1B0000
4082000C 7C882378
7FFCFB78 3D8080C2
A18C4314 3BA05F65
7C0CE800 4182000C
6D1E8000 48000008
6CFE8000 83BC008C
60000000 00000000
040E215C 60000000
040E2160 60000000
C203D8B4 00000005
2C09000B 40820018
3C600006 38631C00
3C800002 38847180
7C641A14 881B001C
60000000 00000000
044218EC 00095F00
0442190C 00180000
04494990 00095F00
044949EC 80C23A60
044949F0 00180000

Transforming Characters Switch Stocks (FINAL) [PyotrLuzhin]
C20E2090 00000013
38E00000 81810094
7C0802A6 90020000
9421FF80 BC610010
3F608098 637B8E8C
7C0CD800 4082005C
3F609018 8B7BF37F
2C1B0002 4082000C
3B600001 48000008
3B600005 6F5A8000
93820004 93420008
7FBCEB78 807C008C
C8220004 EC21E028
3D80800B 618C7900
7D8903A6 4E800421
3B9C0004 3B7BFFFF
2C1B0000 41A1FFD8
80020000 B8610010
80210000 7C0803A6
60000000 00000000

Once you add these codes you can go to the step two.

2- Get P:M's info.pac

You'll need a certain MiscData from their info.pac file. It's MiscData[30]. Get this file and save it on your computer as it is.

3- Open your own info.pac file in Brawlbox

If you use BrawlEX and have custom names for the characters, you probably already use an info.pac of your own. Open your own info.pac and export the textures for the characters' names, as well as the PAT0 animation called "InfFace_TopN__0" (they're located inside MiscData[30]. Project M doesn't have characters' names, but you don't really have to lose them if you need custom stocks. You'll also need to export a certain texture: "InfFaceLine00", because PM also replaces this texture with a dummy.

4- Import your textures and replace PAT0 into PM's MiscData[30]

Now it's a tedious, but easy part. All you gotta do is import the textures for the names, the InfFaceLine00 texture, and replace the PAT0 file you got from your own MiscData[30] into the one from Project M. Save this file again (if you want to keep a backup of PM's MiscData, just save it with a different name)

5- Replace your own MiscData[30] with your edited MiscData[30] from PM.

6- Trim for filesize

As of right now, depending on how many characters you have, your file might be above the maximum filesize, making the game crash as it passes the strap screen. You're going to have to remove/resize just a bit of stuff in order for it to work. The maximum filesize for info.pac is 550kb. What I did in my case was remove the GigaBowser stock icons (I don't use him on my CSS) and it was enough.

7- That should be it!

If you run into any problems, let me know and I'll help you and edit this tutorial to make it clearer, as I probably forgot something.


- If you use cBliss or BrawlEX for extra costumes, all extra costumes above the original amount for each character will have the stock texture of the last recolor that has a stock face. You can use that to your advantage, actually. If you're running low on filesize, you can delete some of the stock faces so it will load the last one instead. I did this for Game&Watch so every recolor would use it's default stock face, so I'd gain some extra free space. However, just deleting the textures won't be enough. Go into the PAT0 animation named "InfStockface_TopN__0", and look for the InfStc that corresponds to the texture you want to delete and remove that as well.

- All BrawlEX characters will have Mario's stock face. I have an idea of how to fix that, but I didn't bother messing with it yet.

- If you don't care about your characters having names, then it's way easier. Just export PM's MiscData[30] and replace it with your own. Still be aware of filesize, though.