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Title: [Tutorial] Adding Titles to Custom Song Engine Brstms in PM/Brawl.
Post by: Ricky (Br3) on April 21, 2018, 06:53:23 PM
>>>>> DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is originally by CALAHAN on Smashboards: <<<<<

There's little detail that so many have had trouble with in the past when it comes to the Custom Song Engine. The third version of it is simple to use incorporate into a PM/PMEX build and there's even a couple of tools out there that can generate the necessary song forcer codes and the required asm programming to make said codes. Assuming you have the song forcer codes ready and working, we're going to find out how to give these songs titles and add that little touch of detail that many builds seem to miss.

Step 1:
Assuming you already have the Custom Song Engine and the song forcer codes working for our new brstms, you may be curious as to how you can give these new brstms titles like the ones already in game. Firstly you're going to have to dive into the "common 2.pac" with brawl box. Now once open, we need to edit MiscData[30]'s "sndBgmTitleData".


Step 2:
Now that we found the "sndBgmTitleData", let's open it up and see what's there. You should see a list of four digit alphanumeric ids followed by an arrow pointing to the right toward another number.


Step 3:
Right click the "sndBgmTitleData" folder and a drop down menu should appear. Click "New Entry" to add a new item to the list. In the future, if you want to do this faster, try the shortcut "Ctrl + H".


Step 4:
Go to that new entry at the bottom of the list and click it. You should see some data on the right of the Brawl Box Window. This new entry is assigned to the theoretical next entry after the last known brstm in brawl. What we want to change is what brstm is this entry assigned to. To do that we need to change the "Song ID" that this new entry is assigned to.


The brstms used by the Custom Sound Engine are given an 8 character alphanumeric name, like 0000C25F. The last 4 characters in that name are actually hexadecimal values. The song id in brawlbox is in all numbers, aka decimal. So to make this decimal value translate into the brstm of your choice, you need to convert a decimal value into the corresponding hexadecimal value. In this example, C25F in hex would give you a decimal value of 49,759. If you have a calculator on your computer, you can change it into programmer mode to get a quick translation.



Step 5:
Continue to add new entries and rename the song ids to your liking and need.

Step 6:
At this point, we are done fiddling with the common 2.pac. Now it's time to go to the info.pac in the info2 folder of your build. Open that in brawlbox and go to MiscData[140]. These are your song titles that appear in game and are used in other areas of the game, such as the "My Music" Menu (though each have their own list of song titles to manage, unlike in Smash 4 where all song titles are pulled from one locale). All you need to do is add a new entry into the list and name it whatever you like, though it's best to keep to the title of the brstm you have. How do you know if it cooresponds to the entry number back in the common2? The "Song Title Index" value is actually the number of songs in the MiscData[140]. This new entry should be no.265 or higher depending on how many songs you already have listed in the "sndBgmTitleData".


Click that little plus sign on the right and you'll be able to type the name of that brstm you'd like to give it.

After this, a title should be given to the brstm in game when you go to the stage it appears on.