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Title: A special project :D
Post by: IzakJB on April 14, 2019, 07:26:28 PM
Hello fellow gamers I am IzakJB and today I want to talk about something I've personally been working on.
LegacyXP (Lite) But some funny stuff happens
In this mod pack ever character is completely and utterly busted (At a moderate level of course) it is very tedious work but it makes the game more fun in the end and that is my plan. DM me if you want an early access build I need a video for my Brawl Vault post but recording software doesn't like my computer! So just hmu if you want it and until next time IzakJB is out.
(P.S I know this was a short post but I just want to spread the word first soooo and its also only the .pac files for the characters)