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Title: Anyone know anything about rel editing?
Post by: BronzeGreekGod on September 23, 2019, 03:49:31 PM
More specifically, I'm trying to figure out how lucarios defensive collisions connecting to a hitbox is recognized by the game. - I'm told its found in the rel.

I want to have mewtwos defensive collisions recognized. They are different compared to lucarios in that they reflect rather than put the character into a counter animation. But since one type of defensive collision can put lucario into counter, the reflector collisions must be somehow recognizable similarly.

I know falco in PM had changes made to him in order to make his reflector activate a short animation when something has been reflected. I'm not sure if that was built into his rel like fox, but if not, then someone made a change to his rel.

So does anyone know where this coding can be found in an rel and how it can be altered? Can anyone look at an rel to make comparisons and find what was changed?