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Title: I'm working on a Slendytubbies Pack
Post by: Marioplayer137 on September 03, 2020, 07:48:07 PM
Hello People of this Community,it's-a me Marioplayer137 and I came by to tell ya Folks that I'm working on my own Slendytubbies Pack for Brawl/PM cause I'm honestly quite shocked that nobody has ever imported a single Slendytubbies Character (besides Tinky Winky and Noo Noo) into it so I'll be doing my own imports but before I do I need to tell you Guys this Questiom wich is above.

Also here are sneak peaks of the wip ones


I won't tell who they're over you Guys guess oh and if they're over the ones that you didn't wanted screw you I'm the one who suggest who they go over,also those are the only two I've done,I wanted to do the rest but as you can see I use a different program,I already Parented the Model,next is Weight Painting,and before you say it,yes I did the Fingers on one Model and that's Lake Dipsy,as for Tinky Tank I didn't do his cause the original didn't had any,also his Fingers are a single Mesh and the Model I imported him over didn't.Anyway vote Question above.