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Title: br3's codes
Post by: Ricky (Br3) on January 08, 2021, 09:24:06 PM
These are codes that I made once I started learning how to make my own/alter/adapt codes for the SSBB Decade project. All of them are either made for vBrawl or ported from P:M/P+ to vBrawl.

Instant fall from respawn plat [br3compactor]
* 04B88F7C 00000000

Never fall from respawn plat until you move [br3compactor]
* 04B88F7C 7f800000

Never drown or go into flailing while swimming [br3compactor]
* 04B88FA8 7f800000

Load Common2.pac from the SD card (vBrawl final version) [DukeItOut, br3compactor, KingJigglypuff]
* C201BF2C 00000012
* 80630000 48000005
* 7C8802A6 3884006B
* 7C6C1B78 3CA0803F
* 60A5A3FC 7CA903A6
* 4E800421 2C030000
* 7D836378 40A2005C
* 3884FFD2 3CA0803F
* 60A5A280 7CA903A6
* 4E800421 3C808063
* 3CA08001 60A5BF2C
* 90850000 48000034
* 73643A2F 70726976
* 6174652F 7769692F
* 6170702F 72736265
* 2F70662F 73797374
* 656D2F63 6F6D6D6F
* 6E322E70 61630000
* 60000000 00000000

All stages use vBrawl Camera Speed [DukeItOut, br3compactor]
* C209D0C0 00000002
* 3D803F80 618C0000
* 918300B8 00000000

A few comments:

KJP helped me a lot with troubleshooting the fourth code as I was porting it so he is credited as well.
Both the fourth and fifth base codes are by DukeItOut, my changes are the necessary values to fulfill a different goal.