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Social stuff
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Pin Collector Pin Collector Pin Collector October 12, 2015: Awarded to users with 7 awards or more. (Not counting the Pin Collector one.)
Ninja Ninja Ninja June 9, 2014: Awarded to users who have spent at least 40 days total online here and yet posted less than 1000 posts, including in Off-Topic.
Image Mini Image Name Description Favorite
Star Hacker Star Hacker Star Hacker March 31, 2019: Their hacks reach for the stars, with over 100 000 total downloads!!!
RAGE!! RAGE!! RAGE!! October 9, 2015: One of their hacks managed to get less than 10 DLs in a whole year! RAGE!!
Hyperactive Contributor Hyperactive Contributor Hyperactive Contributor December 11, 2014: They just can't stop posting hacks! More than a hundred already!
Featured Featured Featured January 17, 2014: Awarded to the ones whose works were featured on the KCMM Blog
>9000 >9000 >9000 July 29, 2014: What does the scouter say about the downloads level of one of their hacks?!
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